I can be contacted via email using the following addresses:

  • mfp19@ for IT matters.
  • mfp19@ for Weed&Beer matters.
  • mfp19@ for other matters.

Note: after being investigated 3 times, and stalked, and scared, I had to give up my personal mail server and create my fake identity (see ‘Public conversations’). As a result I don’t have an email address. Ten years ago my tools were Devective by design, today I’m.

Note on confidentiality

Please note that, as most other people and organizations, I use a 3rd party Mail Service Provider. The IT Guys who work at the provider are (technically-wise) able to read all my incoming and outgoing mail. And they are (technically-wise) able to filter out and write an email using my name. And they even stopped to wear “I read your mail” t-shirts: public authorities and company policies took over the good guys.

This is by definition of how email infrastructure work, and it is irrelevant whether SSL or other encryption is used between email clients and corresponding email servers.

Please use PGP/GPG encryption to secure our emails (see for info how to obtain and verify my GPG keys), on daily basis, whether or not you have something to hide.

Note on integrity of my emails

All email sent by me from the above-mentioned email addresses should be digitally signed with my email key. But they aren’t.

This is because I can’t be sure that my terminal is clean. Indeed I’m pretty sure of the opposite. And if you can’t secure your device, there’s no point to expose your key. There’s no point to make one.

Phone, Skype, etc.

I don’t believe phone (or similar means of communication) are that great for technical discussions. In most cases discussions are clearer, faster, and more comfortable using email! Asymmetric tools give you time to think enough and work according to your timing and schedules instead of someone else’s ones.

Moreover Skype does not offer any meaningful security or privacy and I have no illusions that other global PSTN or cellular telephony does offer it either.

Skype is a closed communication system based on proprietary protocol that forces the audio streams into the supernodes. And those supernodes, all of them, are managed by a single central administration. And the same occurs on most public phone networks, since ever. We should be discouraging businesses and governments from forcing us into closed centralised systems.

Nowadays every conversation that doesn’t occur in a bunker, using a language customised in pairs, is public. Basically there are no private conversations.

That being said, my puppet identity is available for scheduled public conversations.

Public conversations

To engage with me in public conversations via my puppet identity (Michele Favara Pedarsi):

Notes on communicating with my puppet

  • He is a late sleeper, and usually cannot do a phone call before 11.00 hrs of his local time.

  • His personal tools (Personal Computer, Personal Smartphone, etc) are there for his needs, not yours. If you don’t get an answer don’t take it personal.

  • Please don’t write asking him for advice about how to become a “hacker”, or “security researcher”. He is a puppet only, he can’t help you.

  • He strongly prefers plaintext emails. He dropped the war against HTML-formatted messages about 10 years ago. But I didn’t: extra formatting is not welcomed.