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We had a problem, we have a solution, we marched to enforce human rights for all, we fixed finance, and we imagined (again) how the world could be, then we figured out why is not and where to find money to make it. Finally, some relax.


But I understand that all that crap is verbose and a bit ambigous

“disambiguate something to show clearly the difference between two or more words, phrases, etc. which are similar in meaning”

(an Oxford dictionary)

So let’s clean up a bit this fairy tale.

Beware the “h”!

Ante litteram := Before the term existed; before the term was coined; used after a term applied anachronistically.


In italian the “h” is mute; teachers at kindergarden teach: no sound, no onion smell flowing out of our mouths, no mosquitos comin’inna.

But “h” is not mute everywhere! Shame on me, I realised this for the very first time at 34 years old: I welcomed with “Hi horny!”, my female friends, for a few months - some of those walking away disgusted - before a british girl figured out that I was truly convinced to be saying “Hi honey!”. If you consider the UN hate speech crap, and Google Translate translating ‘harassment’ in swedish with “lesser rape” - yes, RAPE - you could end up in jail because of your education. Natural born h-raper: damned teachers! Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate good education but: RAPE!?

Look at this one

girlfriend: “why do you call her hairy pussy? BEHAVE!” (slap)

boyfriend: “WTF, again! I swear: I don’t know how her pussy look like! I’d lik..even didn’t know about that word in your language! Do you really have a word for that too? Cool”

(a true story)

This and many other … ehm … cultural shocks: slaps, knocks, and a wide variety of other unpleasant results just because of the damned “h”! And because of this, I have a bunch of h-biqous words to disambiguate.