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there’s the need of something that closes properly the previous synthesis before going back, in the next years, to incrementally clean up and expand the whole repository and turn it into a clear and comprehensible english lecture. There’s the need of another synthesis.

Any time I get this feeling, my mind goes back to 1 hour spent with James Joyce’s nephew in Dublin; he was having weekly Free lectures at Joyce’s home to help young students in decoding the Ulysses. Odisseo, using the greek name because I always say of myself to be greek to the ones that want for me to be christian (ie: I don’t like the game of came first; whether it is the patents law, the religion wars, or whatever). I wish I had the chance to understand their language. When I left that place I had only one tought: “I didn’t understand anything; but one day… oh yeah… one day… I’ll read the Ulysses too, and it must be in english”. And walked away with an undefined good feeling in my heart. Once back home I bought a copy of it, and I left it on my library for the right time; a time I would have had enough life to understand what the crazy old guy wrote at the end of his life. Another Mission Impossible. Life’s too short.

An epiphany (from the ancient Greek ἐπιφάνεια, epiphaneia, “manifestation, striking appearance”) is an experience of sudden and striking realization. (Wikipedia)


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  2. Integrity. Aug 24, 2015
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A brief summary per each chapter.

Sah sah sah … Test.

In this chapter the author - me - respect the tradition to say “Hi” in the most computer-fashioned way. It is a chapter a bit dry. Essential. Zen.

The tradition predates back to the oscilloscopes tubes times, when ageing scientists used to get excited for turning a light on. A light that could be the detonation of the first nuclear bomb (without the feared chain reaction that could have burned the entire atmosphere), an hatch opening on the first lunar landing vehicle, or the statistical presence of the Higgs’ Boson in a Large Hadron Collider made out of 9 nuclear power plants and an information system never seen elsewhere before. Lights that indicated respectively: survival, hope of future survival, chance to make that hope true. But normal people can’t understand why a light can make navy officers and scientists excited.

In this case we are observing a common case of post-C “Hi” transposed in a post-git and pre-bitcoin era. Did the author want to entirely skip Perl, ColdFusion, Java, PHP, Google, Facebook and RoR? (I’ll wait the next 42-47 years for a a future archeologist to solve this dilemma, and a UIkipedian to stick a quote here in place of this sentence.)

Probably the author should have titled “Foobar” instead of emulating a mic test; but the mic test keeps the door open to change a lecture into a speech, worst case: after a thermonuclear war computers doesn’t work any more and someone have to tell good night stories to the kids!


In information security, data integrity means maintaining and assuring the accuracy and completeness of data over its entire life-cycle. This means that data cannot be modified in an unauthorized or undetected manner. ( Information Security )


  1. Without documents integrity there’s no reason to produce documents: birth certificates, driving licences, diplomas, police reports, court orders, banknotes, property certificates. Any could be fake. Think about one of those, one only, to change every time is handled to the next hop, so that one person see something, the next see something else, and so on, until the last one issue a death bounty truly convinced to have made a righterous sentence. You’ve got Facebook in countries where hearsay trigger investigations and there’s the death penalty at the end of the process. Something so obvious that I feel shame to have abused of your time by using 5 rows of text. An example of the chance that a document could be manipulated ex-post, is the pdf files after introducing in their specs the chance to link to external resources (early 2ks?). In a blockchained version of the same documents, this can’t happen because the ID of the following document is a result of the contents of all the previous ones and their moving; there’s no way to fake them all, and there’s no way to validate a fake one ex-post. Even torturing the small IT guy, he can’t do what has been asked for: any attempt to crack one of the blockchained docs would trigger a waterfall of errors that in turn would trigger an unpredictable waterfall of alarms. Any message corruption would result in getting busted faster and harder by an unpredictable amount of people. With the exception of professional killers, mafia boys, and their lawyers - because it takes longer to figure out they can profit from it as well - the rest of us should be in the streets asking for the blockchain to become true. One only request to our governments. And it didn’t happen: why?

  2. Unfortunately our devices can’t grant message integrity: by using blockchains on top of unsecure devices we could produce something even worse because any Anonymous owning the device can assert whatever in the name of someone else (and the judge would give it for true, because his IT Guy tell him that the system is perfect, and Titanic’s engineers said the same thing). As well as currently existing multiple national interests (ex: one per country), togheter with business assets (ex: all the companies concurring in the same market), produce a world legal framework impossible to decode: in some countries (notably USA) militaries inject bugs in the companies’s products because their legal system was built on top of those surveillance practices; for them is just NORMAL administration, in a well established system able to arrest 1 person every 40 seconds even for minor crimes (ex: mariuana); performance wise, simply impressive. In some other countries (ex: Italy), by not having the companies at home, governments can’t policy the companies producing our devices to push state surveillance, so they rely on “cloud services” (ie: accessing data in a “unauthorized or undetected manner” and moving data in another jurisdiction, example another NATO country), and contractors to produce in-home spying tools (ex: Hacking Team). Plus psychologists in courthouses to scrap any defensive evidence (relying on preliminary elements preventively spyed on those same devices, only). Others don’t even attempt to spy: their cops break at home, seize the devices, and eventually torture (ex: jail before fair trial) to have the passwords. In every case the result are devices we can’t trust (see resources for a summary of the past years). And this is an overall blocking problem not for commercial reasons, but for evolutionary reasons. We developed those tools in order to scale up to 8 billion monkeys: we simply can’t live without anymore because our performance would be underachieving. The continual, parallel, attempts to bypass the technology - by any non-techy - is preparing a war big enough to quickly decimate the human population.

  3. The italian Laziogate scandal is a good case study because it is smaller than the whole story of “message corruption”, and concerned the illegal access to … central public register of births (!!!) in order to … win elections (!!!): the most important registry, for the most sluggish cause. The scandal itself is just a small insignificant detail emerged from the … explosion of the old italian internal security agency SISMI: SISMI and CIA kidnap a muslim imam in Milan, some kind of shortcircuit between black ops and judges prompted the SISMI-Telecom scandal in which about 5000 VIP people, since 1996, were illegally surveilled. If you keep digging you’ll find cops, military police (Carabinieri), financial police (Guardia di Finanza), etc, manipulating people in order to trigger the production of fake documents, up to 2007 reform of the agencies SISMI/SISDE into AISE/AISI, the destruction of the files (instead of having public trials), and so on. So don’t dig that season: as the american chick stated on her blog about Laziogate (first link above): “Usually I could care less about politics here in Italy. You’d need a freaking Ph.D. and then some to even touch the tip of the iceberg in trying to understand it all, anyways”. I (sadly) have that “freaking Ph.D.” too, and my advice is to just take for good that the whole italian information system was broken: that’s the only interesting point about “message integrity”. The whole italian story is a fake. Trough message corruption and partisan backtraces (ex: simple untold truths, plausible deniability, etc). A whole story of message corruption. Laziogate just an insignificant detail (of message corruption) involving an italian politician Francesco Storace alleged (and acquitted about 6 years later) of manipulating that very important registry (births&deaths! And I’ve spotted the prosecutors offices denying data first, and publishing fake data after behing debunked of denying data!). White Collars’s High Shit trough the abuse of a centralized registry: the italian voting system required to collect a certain amount of signatures in order to register the candidates for elections, they’ve been collecting signatures one year only, photocopying them, and re-using the same copies every year; the result was a continual use of signatures of dead people, people that changed party in time, ecc; Alessandra Mussolini forked from Storace’s party and he (or someone else) tried to access those registries to mangle the issue and don’t loose votes; in any case to not use the same photocopies of his ex-same-party girl. Or go figure what else. But those registries were public! The italian privacy law mandated privacy for private registries only! The problem was that Storace himself (as well as ALL the others) couldn’t make this issue public because of the bottom line of using fake signatures to register for elections. I shortened the story a bit; some details are not useful but can be found again for a few more years (ex: the ‘public’ attribute of a registry was not in the 675/96, it’s a detail asserted by the italian data authority Stefano Rodota’ at later times, after SEAT-PagineGialle scandal and the proposals to create a public registry for mobile phones too; it’s a bit complicate but … the point was that public registries could be abused with marketing calls, private phones couldn’t). Ridicolous the detail itself. Ridicolous the reactions (judicial included). Ridicolous that he (and we) got a judicial answer 6 years later (just to rehab his picture). It’s all pretty ridicolous. And there’s no need to dig that story because in the new exciting season of “Who Wannabe Suverign in Italy?” history simply repeated: after a new shower of scandals (MOSE, EXPO, MafiaCapitale), they just admitted (2015) the failure of the new extraordinary AISE/AISI system that followed the SISMI/SISDE ones. Basically the pre-existing politicians self-elected spokespersons of their parties, pushed their kids in the public ranks, and extended surveillance to anything that moves in spacetime (ie: not just 5000 VIPs), trough the ‘cloud services’ (ie: accessing data in a “unauthorized or undetected manner” and moving data in another jurisdiction, example another NATO country), making up the entire 2007-2015 public history, judicials included. And many law practitioners - even today - didn’t realize it! Don’t even suspect the chance for their documents to be manipulated off side track, in their mailboxes, by militaries, the prosecutors offices, Google/Facebook/Whatever officers, solos, or alike. Lawyers, attorneys, managers, use plain text gmail accounts on bugged devices, instead of end-to-end encryption and a public blockchain on armoured devices reviewed by indipendent security escrow companies: a self-encrypted, public, general purpose, registry, built on top of a distributed/decentralized recursively hashed archive. Cops are playing Duck’s Hunt. Mafia too! And we are the ducks :) Nowadays in Italy we can’t distinguish institutions from mafia any more, but to be fucking honest, the italian republic should offer honorary citizenship to that muslim guy, and the Vatican should have included him (kidnapped in Milan, transferred to Egypt, tortured, and acquitted!) in their christian saints calendars (if he wants to): San Antonio da Padova, San Daniele di Steccania, San Gennaro di Bisceglie, …, San Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, San Adamo Bove, San Costas Tsalikidis, San Edward Snowden. Mandatory minimum: he (unwillingly) help to figure out the entire nation-wide scandal! Peace. But I’m a dreamer…

  4. Did you get why there’s no “message integrity” in our tools? A blockchained version of the public registries would not allow those “unauthorized or undetected” mods to public registries. It would not authorize Google, Facebook, OpenID - their operators, the militaries, the fraudolent politicians - and all those websites asking if you want to use one of those registries to identify yourself on another website, to let someone (a Google operator or a public officer) to corrupt the message, any message: birth certificates, driving licences, diplomas, police reports, court orders, banknotes, property certificates. Because they would not own the entire registry. The same for any criminal: the distributed nature of the blockchain makes worthless the idea of tamper it for profit; and the need of a blockchain can’t fade out away: in a prison sigarettes are used as currency, on an island shells are used as currency. Indipendently from who you are (cop or robber), you would need to support your part of blockchain anyway. It already happens: some of our industrial system is owned by (retired?) mafia guys. Go now to have a look at birthdate of MD5, SHA and the other tech the blockchain is made of. And remember that those techs have been considered weapons (ie: ammos) up to the end of the 90s. By pushing those techs trough the most powerfull distributed engine (ie: o’businessah! o’monnee!), the institutions delayed for decades the wide adoption of safe tools; right (ex: pre-existing war issues that forcibly override civil processes, compulsory human development timings, etc) or wrong (ie: profeetering gluttons on command). Did you get why the hackers manifesto was written at jail time?


Announcing the Open Library ( Aaron Swartz )

The (childhood) dream of many, from a martyr: a fully distributed system. This one instead is a (naif) distributed file system

InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), is a content-addressable, peer-to-peer hypermedia distribution protocol. Nodes in the IPFS network form a distributed file system. ( IPFS )

its financial tool

Abstract. A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without the burdens of going through a financial institution. ( Satoshi Nakamoto )

the new contracts law

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency platform and Turing-complete programming framework intended to allow a network of peers to administer their own stateful user-created smart contracts in the absence of central authority. ( Ethereum )


  1. Paul Baran. This idea of distributed telecommunication system keep popping up since 1964 because mankind simply need it. No activism, no hacktivism, no politics, no nothing: it’s just the most efficient, reliable, resilient way to build a scalable information system; scaling from single individual monkey, to the entire universe. The only weird thing is that there are modern “inventors” claiming patents on this 1960 idea. They keep reproducing the same patterns at different scales and filing patents at the patents office for the same thing: message passing, renamed. From the electron (nanometers scale) to satellites (kilometers scale) it is always message passing and it has always the same solutions. Why do we still grant patents and royalties on patents?

  2. IPFS is a Yet Another Distributed File System with some interesting features: hashing and caching every file, using private devices as a whole data bin. P2P. If we consider the new parallel silicon memories (ex: SSD) - ie: there’s no need to organize information in series, to stream it on a tape or a rotating disk - we can easily imagine IPFS to be the only one FS standing in a few years. Look at ZFS for an example of parallel FS (I know… I know… but I like that stuff; it’s good jargon).

  3. Bitcoin is a bag containing billions of unique identifiers written on silicon. Digital Cash. In the same way paper banknotes are billions of unique value identifiers written on paper. Cash. The only difference is that bitcoins are bound each other, their owners, and blockchained to the whole infrastructure; the banknotes are bound to banks and govs (and their costs; bloated). Three the problems ahead: our silicon (our devices) is not reliable because bugged ex-ante (by mistake or spy games), bugged ex-post (by mistake or spy games), or impossible to defend (exactly like a wallet on a well dressed person); people can’t distinguish electronic currency from digital cash; abusers tend to look at bitcoins value (in dollars and euros) to Wannabe Millionaire, instead of appreciating it as a token (ie: a valid monetary reserve). And of course, it spawned a huge amount of legends. Example: “the chinese got all the bitcoins!”; they are the 25% of the human population, and they produce 60% of the human products… it’s just NORMAL for any eagle-eye sitting behind a monitor, to notice that the majority of the bitcoin transactions are on the wires from wherever to China. It would be surprising in the case they were on the wires to Norway (0.1% of world population) or Israel (less than 0.1%)! That’s why I called “abusers” all those eagle-eyed people: they confuse the metering tool with the metered distance. And I wonder if those transactions are real: I’ve been digging a bit in the software code but I was searching for the SHA algo to account the number of ops; I didn’t even try to build the binaries.

  4. Ethereum is a very minimal contracting tool suitable for any kind of contract: from constitutions, to business, to marriages. Ethereum sits on top of the huge hash-base produced by the Bitcoin project: the decentralised (not distributed!) nature of Ethereum can overcome some of Bitcoin’s current limits (ex: bind financial resources to a single well defined purpose instead of let them go around as universal value reserve). And exchanging “gas” instead of bitcoins overcome others (ex: transaction rate too slow). Ethereum produces a strong registry that can be made public in parts or as a whole, evolved, and metering any information exchange from inception of the contract to the closure. And this metering is (in the same way Bitcoin is) a very predictable energy function. The only connection with the steel&fire economy is electricity. No labor, no money, no other legacy entities: that part come on top according to individual and common laws, traditions, habits, philosophies, religions, languages. I didn’t list politics. As far as I’ve been searching I haven’t found any culture on Earth that can’t make use of that tool; the only dramatic limits are the judicial practices that involve torture (jail included) and death penalties, but those are sad old well known problems that have not much to do with an information tool.

  5. The developers themselves are warning all around the young age of their projects; nobody at this early stage can assert the integrity of a system. Please, don’t take this text as a technological assesment of quality for IPFS and Ethereum: I’ve only red a very little of their website. I’m just a believer. The day I’ve money to incept a project or I’m hired into an Ethereum-driven one, I’ll do some math to understand the implications of using a limited (huge) set of hashes, and I’ll tell you more. By now I just trust the younger reservoir dogs for searching water in the desert.

  6. Finally, code may be law… ehm… still… which one!?!?


Many forms of Government have been tried and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time. ( Winston Churchill )


  1. Winston Churchill is one of the men I’d really like to ask if it is worth changing the democracy we had with the one I feel the need of.

  2. Despite the huge differences among the europeans, there have been an all around top-down program to eradicate the europeans’ constitutions (and alike) to produce a single (un)overdefined european top-down administration. The chaos level in the judicial systems raised to hell; actually, the hell raised up to Earth. The resulting blockade to access the judicial systems (Justice?) is well-known. The amounts of human rights violations is unknown. The whole process underachieving.

  3. Civil law countries tend to produce and reproduce an infinite amount of useless books and extern (transport, exile) who can read them. Common law countries tend to bash, judge and jail/extern whatever is not in line and in time with the rule of law. The Internet has been used as a tv-enabled washing machine to be placed in front of the shithole in order to watch free Pr0n while sitting on the water closet. As a result the most hybridized systems (notably France) are - sadly, because those are wiser - paying the judicial bill.

  4. Some of the functions of old tools (legacy parliamentary works, and different kind of electronic decision-making tools: LiquidFeedback, Vilfredo.org, ecc.) should be ported into the very last tools popped out from universities and summer camps in order to produce a true mass driven legit safeguard against abuses. One of the hands-on examples of Ethereum is to build up a democratic autonomous organization.

  5. Every single person can spawn its own “constitutional work” using this tool instead of the legacy way I produced mine in 2008. By using the same minimal tool, any future integration attempt with other legal work (individual or group) can be easily merged providing a semantic map: none of those persons or groups are treacherous, because permanently exposed; public. It’s the beauty of the technological standards. Previous art: the TCP/IP (stack of) protocol(s) produced trough the RFC system in a multi-stakeholder fashion.

  6. The dilemma between having or not having a constitution for granular well-formed human rights can be considered solved: the Ethereum smart contracts capabilities can make any constitution totally fluid. The questions still open are about its contents only: what can be raised at constitutional level without treading some beliefs and at the same time keeping the overall figure economically achievable?


One might think this means that imaginary numbers are just a mathematical game having nothing to do with the real world. From the viewpoint of positivist philosophy, however, one cannot determine what is real. All one can do is find which mathematical models describe the universe we live in. It turns out that a mathematical model involving imaginary time predicts not only effects we have already observed but also effects we have not been able to measure yet nevertheless believe in for other reasons. So what is real and what is imaginary? Is the distinction just in our minds? ( Stephen Hawking )


  1. The theoretical base is given by a well formed theory (quantum mechanics) and the spectacular Stephen Hawking’s popularization of the “imaginary time” concept. It took 60 years to mass distribute the results of the previous big theory, the electron. Don’t be in a hurry for understanding the new one. I’ve been reading about it in the past 30 years with the eyes of a kid, then with the eyes (and math) of a teenager, then with the eyes (and math) of an engineering student, then with the eyes (and math) of a man … and … I didn’t yet.

  2. There are plenty empirical evidences that show general asyncronicity among human beings: drugs, rapid crossing of timezones (ie: jetlag), prolongued isolation states, etc. Once given - again, in my case by trust not by knowledge - Hawking’s words for good, the financial theories can be applied to single individuals (ie: can protect himself from those) instead of groups of individuals (ex: family, nation, central bank, etc).

  3. The blockchain system can serve as a networked stabilizer for any recognised spacetime abuse in the legacy legal and financial frameworks (ex: insider trading and plenty financial products, different kinds of scams, etc).

  4. In the chapter an example is given using some legacy simpler theories and elementary math: “ecu = euro * i”, “ether = euro * i”.


Panta rhei (from ancient Greek, en. “everything flows”)


  1. Despite its volatility and the overal problem of having secure devices, the Bitcoin is a well established monetary reserve. The Ethereum Foundation bought bitcoins (value reserve) in order to sell Ethers. The Ethereum blockchain uses “gas” (a fraction of Ether) to account its operations and permanently register exchanges between miners and contractors. The unit “gas” is electricity, an implicit duty stamp to reroute every technostructural cost back to natural resources management without the need of human intervention (ie: frauds, slavery, ecc). The website is pretty childish but the concept seems valid both for information work accounted in the time domain ( euro = (ether * t) / tau ) and atoms work accounted in product units ( euro = (ecu * shoe) / tau ). It’s pretty simple: who chat more, pays more. For fun or for profit doesn’t matter: must pay for the electricity spent. The SMSs on mobile phones were similar; but instead of paying 15 cents per sms (160 chars) to buy Telecom Italia’s manager’s cocaine and ENEL’s manager’s cocaine, you pay ENEL’s manager’s (more) cocaine (only). It’s a step forward. Maybe, one day, instead of looking at all those european worthless policies to remove operator’s fees and Regulate The Market, we’ll see an european policy to remove the managers and Regulate The Europeans. Issue solved. But until then, think positive and be happy for having half psycopaths only on command! Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  2. By evaluating a tau for each individual (ex: some of the IQ math can be recycled to do something way better than that), it is possible to adapt production times, production units, retail prices, wages, and everything, to the single individuals using a rational equation that granularly takes into consideration the single individual’s capabilities and needs. Example: a person with handicaps could have an artificially (by law) setting for his tau so that predefined products (ex: survival medicines) cost less, zero, or is even reimbursed for buying.

  3. Someone says that the evaluation of tau could lead to the end of privacy in a similar fashion the attitude tests did; indeed it is possible to self-asses tau using the proper Turing-test-like procedure. In the past decades psychos made plenty experiments on other humans; it is pretty easy to find good books about ‘double blind’ procedures today. And I can personally witness that many human beings are not able to identify a very simple bot from a human: around 1997 I piped an 80s AI called eLiza to an IRC chat, left it chatting, and in one of the logs I’ve found a guy that apparently got excited and masturbated on his keyboard thanks to the sweet words of my eLiza. For people like him there’s no need to disturb NASA to have a supercomputerised reference in order to let individuals self asses their timings: an hamster’s wheel from the corner’s pet shop is enough. By the way: that’s the day I stopped to chat on IRC; and one of the reasons why I’ve never had a blog, a facebook/twitter account, and whatever crap has been produced since 2001. Other apocaliptic theories may spawn (but we are all used to those): price discrimination, capitalism’s destruction, ecc. And those fearmongers may be right: in a few months since the launch of Ethereum someone have already built spiders to use the blockchain as a data source, and it is selling the spider work for profit: younger guys coming out of universities got Big Data jobs and Facebook in their phones; they’ve never had the chance to develop a privacy discipline. How long it will take before the first blowjob video pops up on the blockchain instead of YouTube and the Moral Practitioners Association of the time will produce their political puppet in order to pass a new law to go searching for blowjobs in the blockchain too? Moral Guys: I’m ONE KIND OF blowjob seeker too, but THAT kind of search you want for politicians to do, must be done by tech instead; not by law! You must pay me to search for blowjobs for you. No… wait… the last sentence doesn’t sound good … actually, I don’t want to be paid for that, I’ve my strong work ethic that forbid for helping the moral guys to search for blowjobs (and saves me ex-ante from ambigous situations) … but yes, you must make a spider that tags and list all the contents you don’t want to be stored in your memories, devices, premises, ecc; for kids, youself, or whatever; then share those lists with the other moralizers; so that all the houses of all the moralizers only, are moralized. Grab a 1000 new parents and in a few months there won’t be sex and violence on your screens. YouTube can’t do it for you; can do the opposite only (ie: reclassify, to de-censor, wrongly tagged contents; ex: distopyan art, deviant art, ecc).

  4. The UN Declaration of Human Rights (or any other local equivalent) can be used to re-offset economics so that “needs” are always satisfied (ex: 50 liters of water and 2500 kcal per day, per person). That paper was made in a true moment of need; when all the work was manpower and we enslaved animals to get help; and the first machines we figured out have been used for personal and nation supremacy. The entire re-offsetting system can be simulated in public: just think that we are at the end of the third world war and we must keep living somehow, so we need to rebuild with whatever is around, starting from our last mistakes. Some religions are based on this; those religious may help to imagine.


Se invece del vitello, te danno er mulo, tu magna e statte zitto… e vaffanculo. (an old Rome’s idiom, en. “If they serve you donkey meat instead of lamb, you’d better eat in silence first… and fuck off then”)

(TODO: move most of this crap in Profile - personal case - and Standing - judicial systems - pages)


  1. Just Do It. Probably a latin quote would be more appropriated; something like “primum vivere dehinde philosophare” (lt. “live first, imagine after”; you choose another verb in place of ‘imagine’). I like to translate it with “survive first, all the rest comes after”. But trash philosophy and dick-pics are more trendy nowadays; so you must place a ‘dick-pick’ and a ‘fuckoff’ up and there in your writings; another ‘mandatory minimum’. The quote above is a compromise between what I’ve been dreaming in my childhood - lamb - and what I’ve got in life - eDonkey.

  2. Mr. Bin. I haven’t been able to access the judicial system for 8 years by now; and my eTools are all off-side-track manipulated. I’m currently writing on a laptop that from time to time horns; no kidding. When I started to write this Git I/O thing, I’ve spent an hour searching my name and digging my G+ profile to figure out how was it: there are messages repeating, messages I didn’t write, posts published in reverse order, and so on. So in this chapter I wrote an entire page about myself, timelined, in a tool where the history is tracked (ie: can’t change idea off side track). Hopefully my collegues at GitHub have a better security than my laptop, and their company’s policies don’t allow them to rollback users contents. I’ve been singing “The Internet is for Porn” for so long that… porn makers - ANY et all - truly believe their content is the king. Nobody explained them the ‘message in a bottle’ paradigm the Internet is made of; the packet switching miracle: you write and MAYBE, in the next 20 years, if the host kept paying for the electricity all the 20 years long, someone will find your message. Or you can go trashing and be a meteor: the heaviest, the longer lasting, the deepest the bang, the deepest the hole, the longer the sentence. It happened again after I wrote this chapter (2015/12/26); the very first day of 2016: (a tourist) “ah, you are an IT Guy! My son too - note: more than 25 years old, can’t remember the exact adultness - is soooooo good with computers!”, (me) “ooooh, I’m happy to hear that! What is he doing with a computer?”, (a tourist) “He is a designer and a deejay!”, (me) “Ah ok, he is not an IT Guy, he is a designer and a musician!”, (a tourist) “Yes… well… I don’t know exactly… I’ve spent a shitload to buy him a full set of gears, and he spends his days playing music and designing!”. The “sfera paralela laica” people - “the non-clerical party”, literally “the parallel lay sphere”, an idiom used by lawyers to point at non-lawyers - have no idea of how many musicians and designers gone (financially) broken because of the cost of their toys. The amount of freelancers - liberal or not - broken to catch up with the showbiz’s technological standards. And of course, if they can’t grasp the idiocracy inside their premises, they have no idea also of how much money are wasted OUTSIDE their homes! In particular in the marketing, and in the law, departments of whatever administration. Administration that IT Guys didn’t: the technostructure did; the IT Guys served. Donkeys paying sex toys to their sons, unable to distinguish eLambs from iDonkeys.

  3. Mr. Bin’s environment. My 2003-2009 girlfriend was an iDonkey - same donkey of the tourist above, but i-sed with a macbook - a going-to-be-lawyer iDonkey. She was asking whether or not I’d defend her from bandits in the case she would become a prosecutor; my answer: “no worry Horney, we’ll buy kevlars instead of pigiamas, and shotguns instead of bed lights, so we’ll die fucking hard in bed togheter! ROMANTIC FINAL!”. I hate the idea to have a weapon in my home but … I could live with it: hopefully I would be able to keep it without shooting myself by mistake. What I couldn’t live with, was that she was publishing our pictures on Facebook in some sort of left party program to re-educate masses to the Italian Constitution (note: that show was on stage in theatres before the public channel aired it), and after two years of chatting on Facebook with me repeating weekly to please stop that shit (because I was on the other track, other party: let’s jail them - politicians - all and pin the innocents out after! It’s the only case of prosecutory approach, instead of accusatory one, I admit … because they self-candidated, have no ‘vincolo di mandato’, and have parliamentary immunity during their term; moreover they tend to do the opposite with us). The day I was complaining for her to push my data in Facebook, and her replying “I show you how Facebook works: see? My friends only can see my profile!”… pushing buttons in front of my silent nose… I’ve just gone mad: I’ve just had spent the past 4 years ridiculising myself in public (check the videos in “Web 2.0 Meetings”), accepting crappy jobs to keep staying where medias were made, just for digital rights sake, and … a few years before I got engaged with a young beautifull wannabe-prosecutor, ending up in the risk to marriage with an ageing cheerleader in search of popularity. My life was definitively going to shit: Google had already destroyed on-line privacy, Facebook was a new modern case of environmental corruption privacy wise, I was engaged with an attention whore and everytime I complained for that the reply was always the same: “Why so seriiiiious???”. Pretty interesting - the judicial env, is the formal social engineering of societies - for my on-going research about social deseases at Internet’s time. So I switched my interest from engineers’s shit - university public fundings, patents, industrial private fundings, spinoffs, that were destroying my work and my world - to lawyers’s shit: the biggest mistake of all my life. The judicial system is … alive … it’s like a squid, cancer. And the judicial environment was harder for me to understand because I had no judicial experience at all - I’d been so good in not causing damages when playing with explosives and drugs that … had no perception of the judicial shit at all - I just tought that my gf was a good enough legal consultant. I couldn’t imagine about her making up a judicial case on me: I got sued for stalking in the complicate attempt to anonymize my investigation (in her regards), and she used those gentle attempts to build up the stalking case. Style note: the passion crimes has been abolished in the 20th century, in order to avoid those cases. Moreover since Big Brother’s 1st edition on the italian medias there was an insane push-pull public game using sad cases (note: jump to “Media exposure” section) as polling items and popular TV distraction, mass distraction. An insane nation-wide game; an insane nation wide-game; an insane-nation-wide-game except for us not watching that psycho-box called TV. But talking about inter-generational corruption, to look at the way the law practitioners ignore the constitution, the law, and the other tools that give them food and glory, was just more interesting than looking at a bunch of nerds (because I used to be one! Don’t need to look at them!). Frankly speaking I can understand a blue collar massacred by rotational shifts not having time for fancy topics and smart conversations; and any poor guy hadn’t chances to access higher education; as well as I’ve learned in time that whoever uses guns, meritorius or not, doesn’t give a fuck as well. Grab the dick, click accept, let the porn be. But I cannot understand a lawyer, a prosecutor, whatever is practitioning law. I cannot accept lawyers not reading and understanding the terms of service, not enforcing the public good by discussing their very own environment: they work in the part of society that rationally send people to the shithole, and to death in some jurisdictions (rationally calling it ‘death penalty’ instead of ‘premeditated and scheduled murder’). They can’t take the money and run away. Lawyers must read those terms, understand, publish the warnings, and discuss the judicial authorities, instead of just clicking ‘accept’ to access their porn as soon as possible; and without the need of a maddog like me to bite their ass. They must autonomously serve the public good constantly sanitizing their own environment, or simply give back their license. In this way, maybe, one day, we might have a public privacy law that avoid one wall-of-text contract per every click/tap/whatever. I tried to say this to my ex-gf and her: “The lawyer is made by the client’s word-of-mouth; if the lawyer loose in court, doesn’t work anymore; and if you discuss the court, you loose”. It’s a bit more complicate than that - the italian ground is divided into jurisdictions to allocate ‘natural judges’ before facts, to avoid off-side-track manipulation of judgements once the fact happened and has been brought to court, but some of those jurisdictions contain so few judges that you simply can’t afford to discuss them, and in general because of the otto-benz-engine and the telephone both the jurisdictions and the law market became too small for this compartimentation to resist corruption - but the rationale is that the lawyers don’t patrol the judicial system for… marketing reasons. Death Marketing. It’s an evidence of an engine - o’monnee - that produces unjustice, disgrace, faminine, to increase lawyers workplaces and lawyer’s wealth. Pretty the opposite of what law should be. Anyway the point is that we - lawyers’ “non-clerical party” - can grab our dicks and run to the porn without reading any disclaimer: did you ever red the instructions in front of the piss pot BEFORE pissing? Say the truth to yourself: if you read them, you do it after setting your willy back in the safe. Not before risking to piss in your hands; and reading while jumping is pretty annoying. Well, lawyers simply can’t skip the instructions; it’s in their ethical code (and the italian one is binding, in theory). Who is supposed to monitor, and patrol, and bomb whenever necessary, the judicial system? Lawyers fundrising’s dinners for charity handling money to too-late-activists… for dignity once-your-father-is-in-jail? Me spending two years telling to my gf that all those judicial things are her part of The Job because I already have mine, plenty, in the information technology, and ending up being sued from her? An ex-inmate killing the judge/lawyer/witness as soon as he is released? This is the price of having idiots in courts. And lawyers in 2010 were 44-teeth-smiling: with all the preventive psycho-bullshit invented in the parliament, their market just enlarged like our anuses with a nuclear bomb sharped enough in order to be used as suppository. Spend a moment to look at the shape of those bombs. Now instead, 2016 - after being found guilty by their people for not doing their job, and being shot down, threatened in their homes, and so on - lawyers strike alleging un-fair trials; or they don’t strike, asserting their gmail mailboxes’ being safe because they don’t know the IT backstage part of the story (or just are wealth enough to not give a shit of anything for the rest of their life). In both cases, bullocks. In any case the judicial system is a kind of drama theatre where people is truly jailed and killed. In 2015 I telephoned to another one - never give up your rights! At least try! - when I asserted doubt about his mailbox to send him my documents … he said his mailbox is ‘special’; so I gave up again. I’d like to see his cards, but I don’t have bet money to go seeing. And I don’t need to: after Wikileaks, Edward Snowden, Hacking Team and John Oliver’s shows … whoever is not a little bit doubful about the cloud version of the Internet is … dumb enough to die. If you are using Facebook to call 911 you simply deserve to die; it’s a modern urban version of the sadly wild natural selection. Last time I helped a lawyer in Italy in 2010, she was having troubles with the USB smartcard reader: one more point-of-failure added to their machines; usb devices and their drivers have been the most infective shit ever seen on a computer; at the time the US Army already banned USB devices from their premises but our high courts were mandating the lawyers to use USB smartcards readers: scary. The smartcard was requested by the high courts to access their archives: by looking at someone being able to access those sentences (those public records!) I got angry again, because I couldn’t access those archives, and I’ve been searching for some of those sentences since 2007; look at 2013 Aaron Swartz’s death movie, then at Simone Aliprandi’s 2014 JurisWiki project: he took high court’s sentences from private archives (sold as expensive lawyers’ services), and published them risking the same unhappy ending of Aaron Swartz (for publishing sentences that in theory should be public; the law mandated the high courts to anonimize the actors, then publish, and they didn’t!). The italian judicial system, differently by the common law ones, doesn’t rely on previous art to shape current judicials - because in the civil law system there is an ex-ante primary source called constitution, and ex-post coherency procedures (ex: ‘cassazione a sezioni unite’), instead; but those sentences allow us to understand if it is worth or not to proceed BEFORE start spending money, how to proceed BEFORE loosing yourself in the details, and without one of those there’s no way that a lawyer - in the case you find one after digging the registries where to find the right registry, where to find one lawyer - let you talk about your case: “you’re not a lawyer, shut up ignorant, I know what to do”. “Sir, I need to assert IT message integrity at telco level; for her fake allegations instead, I don’t need you, I’m innocent, can make it myself!”. Those papers - and the $$$ grant from the lawyers guild for public defendant - give you one chance for the lawyer to take your case into consideration. One chance only: I did that in 2006 and the lawyer dropped my papers on a shelf behind him (just to not trash it in front of my eyes; 2 years later I called him to complain and he just ‘forgot’ my papers). But better one chance than a knee on your bullocks. And those papers were denied to us: we got knees on our balls only, no chances. So I just started to do - for free - what the lawyers were not doing: wild judicial debugging, (unwillingly) butcher style. And my gf was not doing as well, at that point: they would like to sell that part even if they are not in a common law system! In such systems is just normal to make the people pay for consulences, in the civil law system is not! Every bullshit - ie: “we made the judicial reform!”, up to the (in)famous constitutional court sentence 01/2014 - pushed as daily news in order to manipulate me and or whoever was entangled in his own judicial shit, produced an excruciating effort to remember what my gf said before quitting (and suing me) about her findings in the judicial: “they sue you on purpose and you must pay a lawyer: so you don’t have enough money to make your way, your politics”, “a private issue resolution attempt can be faked on paper as a blackmail attempt”, “no notify of investigation closure: a way to fuck you because bla bla bla”, “no civil responsibility of the judges: a way to fuck you because bla bla bla”, ecc. The guinea-pig… mmm… The Carrot is an hard job but in a iDonkeys-polluted environment, a Rabbit has to do it :)

  4. Timeline. I’ve never had a copy of Alice in Wonderland; the old Disney’s cartoon was too psychedelic for my childhood taste, so I’ve never tried to understand it. And I didn’t like Roger Rabbit. It was a too serious cartoon; recent ones (ex: Madagascar, Ice Age) inverted something: instead of using cartoons to make a serious movie, they make serious cartoons that can’t be understood by kids so that both (parents and kids) enjoy… good job guys, good job. The only time my father took me at the movie theatre was to see Bertolucci’s “The last emperor”: don’t get me wrong, it is a great movie about the last chinese emperor - great in the way that is the only serious representation of chinese recent history we could see; it may be considered like ones of Oliver Stone’s masterpieces about US, Iraq, Cuba, Snowden - but … a bit boring for a 10 years old kid; let’s say it: fucking damned bloody boring. All those pictures popped out from my memory, scattered, 30 years later, watching a 150 years old oppium pipe in a small antiquities shop close to the Mehkong river, where once used to be oppium flowers. Those new cartoons instead do the father&son trick waaaaay better. Anyway, in 2010 I was alone, and my picture a cartoon thanks to the cops seizing two of my laptops in 3 years, so my life went from Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit, to Roger rabbit; included all those mafia guys melting detectives in the acid barrels, and the cops running after the mafia guys shooting at cartoons with real bullets. Not seriously, just in the cartoon (note: in italian slang ‘cartone’ are the cartoons, the cardboard, and the LSD trips). Well, not yet. I’ve no idea who and how someone else used all my life (in the laptops) about - and I honestly don’t care: after the first stolen laptop in 2007, I openly said in one of the videos that I don’t need my picture, and published everything (I only published) with a CC-BY-SA-NC 3.0 license: whoever did whatever raising money from it, has been a scam - but it has been a hell of life: people searching for me from all around the world, and go figure why! Activitsts? Friends of MPs that signed those laws cutting some throats to not give money back? Bank and insurances detectives? Bounty hunters? My friends reading and talking with me on fake Facebook/WhatsApp accounts; other friends complaining for me not posting G+ posts (thing that I was actually doing daily); others that heard about me farming in Asia (I can’t work!); an israeli friend asking me if I finished my job for the government (I don’t want to help my gov!); the officer in my embassy asking me if I was a spy for another government (I don’t want to help another gov!); arab guys asking me if I was israeli (no-ooooooh, it’s not my war/peace!); and so on. Why the hell people is reading my bullshit profile? Why the hell people is reading ANY personal profile? Everybody searching for someone that is not me - assumed that this someone stolen money or killed someone else - and daily news about people beaten up, arrested, tortured, shoot down, disappearing, beacause of a wrong picture or a wrong mobile. I hope I don’t have many doubles. Before I was scared because in Italy there were too many shootings around my home; after the 2010 search&seize I’ve been more worried from the cops than from the robbers: did they really run after Facebook’s signals? I mean: why the people don’t rely on more reliable side bands for emergencies - ex: mobile phone “Emergency calls only” - instead of using bullshit mainstream channels? In this inverted environment I carry on thinking that I got the best life insurance of the world for free: being dumb like Stephen Levy; another one of my dumb heroes (no offence, we are many). One day I might even get on The Guinness Book of Records: everything the above story, trying to avoid any advertising, marketing, money, legal or illegal whatsoever, just the minimum movement from my chair I could. I’m probably second to monks and gurus only, because I must practice the patience gift a little bit more (and many other reasons): I tend to explode when someone talk about work; and getting emotional about anything, instead of smiling like them. In any case if I get killed I’d probaly be the second most idiot kill of all the times: not even worth it. The best insurance, as I said. Almost world wide: in Europe my fingerprints have been taken when I was ‘barely 18’ (because of the compulsory military medical visit), taken again in 2010 to make my passport, and I still wonder why in NY I was forced out of the international area to get my fingerprints again: I carefully avoided any travel to US for 10 years, just to not let the airline to send my data overseas and then… all this effort vaporised; and my face has been re-recorded about 6 times in Thailand (optic), 2 times Malesia (thermal), once in Singapore (drugs test included, the best search ever… no kidding, they don’t touch you, just swipe sensors on your luggage! Pretty nice officers and procedures). And go figure how many other times without telling me! I just left my fingerprint on a glass in a coffee shop. And my anus-print in their toilette (note: it works like the barrel of a gun). If you like the lawyers-encoded privacy in the digital world you can’t live without, stay at home and shot the postman in order to get a first class ticket for solitary confinement. Actually, build a bunker and bury yourself in it: no violence please. Mmm… even better: hook a NASA bio scientist and a vietnamese on Facebook, convince them to move with you underground, move to Kansas (ie: easier to get second hand bunkers) and wait! Bring with you enough of those inverted cartoons: you already watched all the porn! I’d tell you to bring someone from Coober Pedy instead of a vietnamese: same historical underground life records, but statistically funnier. The problem is that the australian is bigger: eat more and fart more, and in a bunker the things could turn bad too quick. Living in a bunker with someone else must be like getting a prostate cancer: if the other one is small enough, you live all your life long without even knowing that you have one; if it grows too fast instead… Anyway: once locked my case in a court, set up the lawyer in there, and made my civil service instead of the military one - ‘white strike’: prostitutes not asking money against new public laws or enforcement activities; japanese blue collars working faster to overflow the chain and creating problems to their management; anti-mafia activists working for free to remove the need for public administration to allocate funds - waiting for the proper environmental inversion, and the Guinness records book officers to call me, I watched those cartoons already and practiced with Guinness, leaving the best books and the best porn for the old age: when you’ll wives will be waiving your NSA-preserved dick-pics in front of the judges’s noses, to prove their properties, and you’ll bunkerize downstairs with the cartoons, someone have to finish the Guinness world reserve without having a dick pick anywhere! I’m trying to be there. The only problem is that my data, today, is scattered anywhere, because of the cops seizure of my ex-gf SWATTing.

  5. Behavioural. So, as a result of my Simple Pedoterrosatanism - that can be distinguished from the Advanced one because I don’t make use of any tech skill - the suspension of my life has been prorogated 5 more years, and restricted between those two tracks:

    • 2001, medics talking about legal stuff: “The impulsive crime within emotions, passion and madness. A legal perspective.” (it. “Il reato d’impeto tra stati emotivi e passionali, e vizio di mente. La posizione della Giurisprudenza sul tema.” - Ritella M., Barbieri C. - ISSN 0026-4849 - Online ISSN 1827-1677)
    • 2012, lawyers talking about medical stuff: “A definition of aberrant situation. The aberratio delicti. The multi-damaging aberratio delicti.” (it. “Definizione della vicenda aberrante. L’aberratio delicti. L’aberratio delicti plurilesiva.” - thesis by Alessandro Perfetti, thesis supervisor Angelo Carmona, thesis co-supervisor Cristiano Cupelli)

They never ask to the IT Guy, unless a computer is involved; we only get the prosecutors coming to us for forensic, or sending us the SWAT to bring us to them (carried by the ears). My case (the Anonymous IT Guy case) should teach them something: by asking me, instead of diagnosing me, they could avoid this multi-damaging aberrant situation where both medics and lawyers fail. By looking at the telephone logs (note: the metadata retention was compulsory by law for 5 years) and questioning me in court about the rest, they would have both discovered a whole bunch of worse crimes - ex: how dare the telcos silently sell our positioning data? How dare they silently disable our mobile’s encryption? Why the people pay for corrupted public exams in universities? - and learnt a bit how to manage The Internet without spying us all. Positioning data exist; if they sell it - and I disagree with that - I want my stake. Not a Big Data industry. And of course: discharged me because of the empirical principle. I was heading straight to the voluntary declaration mandated by law as a right for the accused ones; and they denied it. That is the thing that makes me maniacally emotional like a bull; a mini bull; a bullet; a bulletto (it. Rome area slang for “small bully guy”). I’m not asking to have the honour guard at the Altare della Patria in Rome; all the way the opposite: I want to be anonymous! Popularity is a condamn; even a supposed one only, the one you get when all your life is seized inside your laptop; and without encryption, to avoid torture (ex: preventive jail) in the case they want to access your memories. I’d like to see a small Ed’s picture close to the Anonymous Soldier tomb. They - the ones blowing the whistles on militaries - deserve it. Mine was just a white collar bush walk. Or such I guessed at the beginning.

I swear, I had no idea Edward Snowden was going to come out. Also because I don’t give a fuck about the laws the governments did in the while (and I’m correct, according to the constitutional court sentence 01/2014: 2005-2013 parliaments are scams): in My Constitution - published on 25.07.2008, three days before the parliament confirmed the Lisbon Treaty, using the fastest available media - calling for a switch to a common law system, I set the sentences (to be used as cultural continuity cases in the judicial system) up to Bettino Craxi’s death; because after the year 2000 a bunch of clinton-ates and eu-notes has been pushed in our legal codes (ex: copyright, trademarks, patents; privacy, and go figure what else came from NATO). I’ve always been in line with the constitutional court backtracking order.

The “passion crimes” in Italy were abolished in the 20th century. Those crimes had been abolished - downgraded to investigative tracks - in order to avoid aberrant stories like mine: lawyers attempt to fraud public jobs access tests, psycho-doctors opening the way toward unconstitutional prosecutions, and the resulting “multi-damages”. And they have been abolished because those crimes were “aberrant crimes”. Read this other thesis for more info - “Il reato aberrante”, Consuelo Occhiuto - or find one in your own language: lawyers, priests, and whoever they are serving, always write the same things since Julius Caesar. In my case then, I had nothing in common with my girlfriend, not enough to go preemptive: no kids, no properties, not living togheter, not in the same party, not the same sex. She choosed first - I’m a gentleman - and choosed her job. I choosed last; and choosed my job. That’s all. Instead I’ve been probed across 3 continents for the next 4 years against stalking; and the shit was coming from my embassy. Plus mobbing; not the crowd one… that is cool… targeted to the single individual.

And I swear again, I didn’t notice before in between the two tracks - psycho and criminal - there is the exact duration of Berlusconi’s movie, and I don’t give a fuck as well: the wrongdoing was in the hidden part of the telecom systems, and the italian NSA (COPASIR) was not on Berlusconi’s side; it was headed by Massimo Rutelli (who have lost in 2001 general elections against Berlusconi), then by Massimo D’Alema, the last “Radish” Prime Minister (talk communist, act vatican since Rutelli&D’Alema founded the Partito Democratico joining their two parties and enforced the majoritarian system). The latter’s brother (brother?) gone cunsellor at the Ministry of Health in 2007, after being the main medic at the psychiatric hospital in my area (and I met him once just before his brother became the Prime Minister, a nice guy making family sessions… but I can’t recon him in publicly available pictures); here my home town’s website announcing one of his public lectures; and here some of his academic papers. More third parties - on top of police officers and lawyers - that step in the middle and interpret empirical evidences

“We believe the most comprehensive and dry definition of Mafia is: a ruthless association working for its associates’ profit, that forces parassitic intermediation trough violence, in between property and work, production and customers, citizen and state” (attributed to Leonardo Sciascia from Mafipedia; it looks like from “La storia della mafia”, Milano Barion, 2013, ISBN 978-88-6759-001-8; and Eric Hobsbawm might have said something similar before)

It is pretty astonishing then, looking at the actual criminal code, that the “associazione per delinquere di stampo mafioso” is a huge blob built in the extreme attempt to eradicate the word “intermediation” from Sciascia’s dry definition. They added details to not include any personal (two-headed) relationship (ie: “an association of three or more people…”), and whatever else to not make any intermediate whole business illegal because of a single murder (or any other crime) in the same association (for profit, not for profit, registered or de facto), basically denying the savings that might be originating from the chance to directly communicate from one point of the world, to any other point, without the need of a mafia guy in the middle. Savings that had been considered a new market instead; a whole new market that needed a whole new stack of money to be. The Internet was nicknamed ‘New Economy’ instead of ‘New Democracy’.

Add this on top of the built-to-order systems (ex: Toyota, Dell, Kickstarter.com … ) and the “message integrity” computer security issue where this perverse gitlog started, to get the proportions of the generational failure of the italian labour parties.

Mad houses have been abolished in the 20th century too (Legge Basaglia): the current italian politicians might have been some of the left overs when the psychiatric hospitals closed. After the early 90s “Mani Pulite” scandal linked above washing away an entire generation of politicians, business man, bank managers, they’ve been able to sneak out and take advantage of the suicides, murders, and judges bombings of that bloody years. I’m serious about that; I truly think they are some psychos escaped from rehab.

Even today - Gratteri a part, openly giving for granted that Internet is the meeting point of pedos - there are plenty prosecutors that back up those psychos, and psychos backing up the prosecutors: Raffaele Cantone, magistrate, President of the Anti-corruption National Authority, just declared “I’m a prosecutor, when I see anonymous I spot a crime”. This 2 years after we’ve been yelling against the ridicolous whistleblowing facility they produced: you must register in order to anonymously blow the whistle, and about commercial frauds only. The day the registry leaks, the whistleblowers are dead, all at once. Everytime the device of the whistleblower is corrupted, the whistleblower is dead even before succeeding (ie: witness in court). In my case after 5 years since I was yelling at the italian chapter of Partito Pirata to not follow the german chapter example (ie: open vote) and use a secret vote instead because of the italian long lasting tradition of not let the stakeholders to vote. The plebiscites held in Sicilly were made with separate voting boxes, one to say “Yes, I want to be part of the unified kingdom of Italy” and one to say no; and a gunmen close to every box. There was no way to drop your vote in the “No” box without being shot right after going out from the voting building. The same has been happening all the way trough the italian history after the second world war: thanks to the two-layered over-compartimentation (the set of candidates to be elected, the fixed cabins to go electing) of the administrative units (for voting purposes), it was possible to account ex-post, the votes granted before by word-of-mouth. Then pinning out with a second round of word-of-mouth, the ones that before the election day granted their vote by talking, but voted the opposite in the cabin. To have the math of the whole corruption schema look at the Birthday’s Paradox. The 2005 voting law, abolished by the Constitutional sentence 01/2014, was addressing this issue by removing the set of candidates to be elected. The Partito Pirata activists were giving for granted the “message integrity” of the electronic network in use - that was not integer, because of the Spaghetti NSA described above - in order to reach the LiquidFeedback electronic voting system (and its integrity). Voting machine not “integer” as well: its integrity was based on decoupling the voting software from the operating system, so that the ones acting inside the voting machine (ie: voters, tier-2) are protected from the voting machine’s system administrators (tier-1), and the system administrators were protected by the ones that run the bare metal (tier-0, military grade). Protected or manipulated. Or both. Cloud Voting: the same security schema of Microsoft Live, Google Whatever, and Facebook.

Today we have left wing politicians, nominated (ie: elected with unconstitutional method for faking the elections) with that security schema in place, from mayors (ex: mayor of Rome), all the way up to the Prime Minister, playing shit storm. Here Ignazio Marino sued for defining Mafia the M5S party. The “Imputazione Coatta” is when the prosecutor in charge of the investigation say “there’s no suspect of crime”, and his function is overridden by someone else: “we go on trial anyway”. Who is ‘someone else’? Someone else inside the court. Indipendently from the distinction between GIP, GUP, ecc - all law practitioners, members of the courts, appointed for the different steps in a trial - it is when the accusatory system become an inquisitory system, for that person only, in that case only. Harder to understand from the daily news on TV; people understand “another assholician stolen our money”; instead they might just be lynching him. That is what Ignazio Marino pointed out by saying ‘M5S have mafia-alike requests’. This PD-M5S ‘faida’ (italian for ‘fatwha’) started when a M5S young deputy, previously known for showing off on video in the Agende Rosse anti-mafia movement, had her personal hard disk stolen in her personal office inside the italian parliament building (tip: police/military contracts are considered life long, and they are in charge of the security of the parliament building; the same apply to most of the civil personnel working in there, and the access to those jobs is highly familistic, despite the existence of public calls for tests, exams, and so on, on the ‘Gazzetta Ufficiale’ mandated by the Constitution). It is when the entire M5S party realised the existence of the ‘message integrity’ issue (that starts from the integrity of the building where the data is) and headed (again) into asking for … the same policies in place; basically requesting a new Google-Facebook round (ie: off-side-track security, bypassing AGAIN the IT Guys involved in a distributed model). The whole trial to Ignazio Marino is just bullshit: it’s a trademark issue camouflaged into something else. That guy (person, flesh&bones) against a party (a picture, a symbol), about the words of a politicians, about an oppositing party: would you expect for him to say anything good about one of the oppositors? It’s just idiot - and too expensive for us, for the public good paying the courts’s costs - even to file the case in a court. Any defamation case, any trademark case. The M5S movement is doing it to defend the void they have been artificially created with; a pack defending their symbol. Hard to believe in those news.

Ignazio Marino is a medic - like my father and my brother - the ones that tend to believe to psycho-syndroms and the rest of the psychoshit I’ve been tortured with, in the past 5 years. And the 4 years before. My mother included: same party because of different reasons (a psycologist she ended up when my father left, was having politics funding dinners). It’s a bit more than “environmental corruption”. It is an addictive desease gone at large trough medias since we figured out that oil was a bit more useful than turning on public lamps in the streets. I’ve been struggling to keep it in the TV only; but Google&Facebook did the trick to complete the migration.

The corruption is not there, in the economy targeted by the Cantone’s Anti-Corruption Authority’s (not) anonymous whistleblowing facility; it’s in the heads of those puppet institutions; politicians ARE the corruption by definition. Corruption is against something; corruption of something. Every time the parliament pass a law, an act, whatever, it is corrupting the previous framework, the previous status quo, the previous system surrounding us. The one that people, their blockchain, know; or believe to know. Calling it “culture”. But most of the people simply CAN’T follow this granular constant evolution; the fastest it is, the more people feel like being a stranger in their city. Blaming immigrants, the other party, someone else.

I wonder then, how do the Anti-corruption National Authority (persecuting undifferentiated Anonymous-es) defines ‘corruption’: blind faith in the papers composing a book maybe? Pretty old idea. Already patented (and the patent expired!).

Even more considering the overall message integrity corruption of their working tools; and not the digital ones only: my girlfriend’s associates were defending a lawyer that faked an high court paper - paper, not computer: whitener, pen, photocopy, deliver the photocopy - because this lawyer couldn’t meet a schedule, faked the dates to stay in the run, and that fake public document was the only way to keep defending her client. Inside courthouses using procedures impossible to cope with. Would you jail this lawyer? The same story is Ignation Marino’s trial. And mine. Aberrant stories. Theoretically any, until we don’t get (back?) ‘message integrity’ at least in the voting machine and in courts.

As well as I don’t understand how the so called “indipendent administrative units” (https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autorit%C3%A0_amministrativa_indipendente_%28ordinamento_italiano%29) (nicknamed “authorities”) are indipendent: indipendent from what? From the parliament? Can’t, all and only the administrative units defined in the constitution can be authorities, expecially the ones with law making and judicial powers. The only well defined exception is the executive (the gov), and in any case, in the backrows of the constitution there’s the art. 1, comma 2: if you want authority, you must pass trough the popular suveregnity. American prosecutors alike: elections. Not appointed by the prime minister (ex: Anti-corruption authority Cantone appointed by PM Renzi). Nor by the parliament (ex: antitrust, privacy, comms, authorities; spawned in early 90s).

I could keep going for the next 3 terabytes of plain text; and it’s not worth it. For me to write, and for you to read. Wikipedia exists already; just download it; and print it from time to time, to avoid the UIkipedia and the Mafipedia abuses described above. I already suggested 9 years ago to Wikimedia Italia Fundation, to keep all the biographies separated from the scientific part, in order to not be sued (again) by face-working asses (reputation-based jobs: politicians, showbiz, and alike). It is not worth it because the EU integration process, law wise (ie: on top of integrated economy and finance) has fallen like a meteor over our heads. Basically I have no idea what the hell the italian judicial system is today. I’m not even sure that it exist; civil trials were already fake in 2007; criminal ones in 2010; by now the courthouses could have blown. On the news VIPs trials hit the headlines daily; about any small insignificant detail (ex: “Tizio said that Caio said that Mevio said that Sempronio defaced Tizio using the word Barbagianni, and that’s obviously derogative, Mafia alike”); but in 10 years, it has never been my turn and the only chances I had was just to give a passive appearance of the legal procedures in place. In the first 5 I was waiting for it; in the second half I’ve been doing the lawyers job, appearing like a fuggitive. I feel pity (even) for lawyers and prosecutors; they see this every day. But they don’t hack their part of the civil society. They don’t deserve my pity. I know only that every time I tried to access the judicial system, both new videos of bloated courthouses popped up on my screen, and new idiots in front of my face snarling about pensions, kids, drugs, corruption, ecc. I’m a minority, but I know it. I don’t need one of those 51% of ‘I’m happy with that’ party to snarl in my face; the idea is to increase that 51% so that there aren’t 49% of ‘I’m not happy with that’. Don’t focus too much on the number 51-49; that’s ok in bipolar systems (ex: UK, tories and whigs). Italy at the moment is a tripolar system (25-25-25) instead, all the rest is treated, me included. Hopefully italians will be able to go back to the 1948 fully proportional voting system as soon as the actual president of the republic (author of the 1993 ‘Mattarellum’ voting law: 75% bipolar, 25% treated/jailed/dead) will be dead. I hope before his 7 years term. And after that italians could even reach the democracy again: 1-1-1-1-…-60Mth. The whole drama here is that … if they don’t allow the IT Guys to touch the very heart of our democracies, we can’t help (ourselves either).

Plenty, of the points of failure described above, could have been already fixed applying any kind of orthogonal policy (ex: from EU), then discarding the previous ones. I don’t belive they are doing it: since 2001 there have been a few amnesties (often camouflaged to not scare us) but no permanent, recurrent, case review process UK-style. Italians tend to forget the honour duties; both the MPs and the mafia leaders are called ‘onorevoli’, but the latter are more serious. When the inmates (and the guards) were living in unspeakable conditions, there was an amnesty; it was an humanitarian emergency, to not build more jails (ie: reduce politicians’s personal incomes, budgets on ‘circensis’, and whatever was more enjoyable to do); to not change laws. Examples: keep the copyright infringments in the criminal code instead of the civil code, in order to access deeper investigation tools like searches and seizes (available in the criminal code only); legalize drugs; not jail immigrants (ie: remove the criminal act to consider it something else); and whatever would cost more than 40 euros… the daily public cost for an inmate, and an immigrant. That’s how the jail system became a permanent lucrative activity INSTEAD OF ‘just a job to do’, Mafia Capitale scandal, from wiretapping of two bosses: “I make more money with immigrants than with drugs”. That’s why I keep talking about horizontal asymptotes (X=time) whenever someone try to push apocaliptic theories baked by economic curves going to infinite. Those asymptotes exist because the Earth is limited; we can let the asymptotes be blood, war; or we can produce them. Up to you.

I am a ‘legally hammered one’ - Winston, Cassandra - before walking into my embassy my legs failed, my girlfriend held me. My opinion is biased. I don’t believe they did it. But they might have changed something for the good too; Italian Jobs are famous world wide. I just cross my fingers that the things are exactly the opposite I see on the news.


Literally translated, Spätzle means “little sparrows”. (Wikipedia)


  1. Until 2005 I’ve been able to spot great consumer associations’ products anaylisis from northern european countries; then no more. And in Italy those disappeared in the mid 90s. By 2010 all our devices were off side track bugged for surveillance purposes, or simply impossible to protect because of the spying tools installed in the data hubs (ie: outside our premises). The cheapest Software Defined Radio able to speed up to modern radio signals (WiFi/HSPA-LTE) and tell whether our calls are encrypted or not, was in the 3000 USD range. In the 2013-2014 period I made a quick estimate: to make a grassroot, high speed, mid size, custom general purpose computer board, using commercial silicon at consumer prices, takes around 100k (of a western currency unit); to make the same stuff in silicon takes about 500k. I had about 25$ in my pockets; summing up all my bank accounts. If I’d stolen property to the friendly people around me I’d probably reach 100$ (and a few tens of grand, of debts, with banks and public institutions, cops&robbers running after me, and being banished from my monkeysphere… exiled). A hypotetic computer association made of 1000 people - given that our decision assisted tools worked properly and we all agreed to steal money from our families, friends, ecc, to bet everything on that single project - could spawn a board; it is unlikely to be able to spawn a silicon chip. We can workaround the issue of the silicon chip by increasing the size of the resulting board; but this increases the cost of the board itself. And we can even avoid any electronics going back to pure mechanical tool; but this would increase the size of the resulting machine and the amount of energy needed to operate it. And when I say ‘increase the size’ and ‘increase the energy’ I mean that that association would need a small-coutry-sized piece of land, and a few nuclear power plants to operate that machine. Have a look at the Large Hadron Collider project, to have an example of ‘size’. Unacceptable. And considering the amount of steamware to dig out from museums in order to have an equivalent mechanical tool (ex: ferro-magnetic coils to be used as memories), it looks like an horror movie: I’ve seen the pictures of Stallman singing latinos songs from his One Laptop Per Child around 2011, before the new southern-northern american street clashes that John Oliver (HBO) published on YouTube around 2014. That - see MadMax movies - is the other kind of hell that raise up when someone invokes the masses against the institutions, and we don’t really want to live in … ask to whoever has been there … we call them ‘refugees’ for a reason.

  2. There’s a recurring question in my mind that makes me dumb all the times my toughts stomp into it: “can I speak?”. I like the english version of the entity ‘pensieri’: ‘toughts’. It is very real: “something imaginary that just happened in the past, gone”. When nerves stand the slings and arrows of this outrageous life, and my Invisible Friend Willy agrees, hate speech is the same. It helps to reduce pressure. That’s why I love it. The old grandma’s recepe to survive honest is “Be conservative in what you send and liberal in what you receive… and find your very own black hole where to throw all the rest”. Note: if you follow the link notice the imperative and conditional verbs. The problem is that someone, by reading my black hole might have triggered unpleasant procedures: before 2010 I was happily crunching white collars in order to reform the italian Constitution without the word ‘party’ in it… then…

  3. There are very good answers on earth, both at the top of the ladder (Royal level) and at the bottom of it (liberal arts: jesters, satyrs, comedians). Again: my personal references are the english crown at the top, the ancient greek comedians at the bottom, because of my very own background (2nd generation republic born after the last italian king); but what I can tell is: it is pretty similar everywhere in the world. Thai people (the people of the Thai Kingdom), thanks to english people and the other world wide expats living in Thailand, made me understand a bit better the meaning of the crowns, in my middle years; in Italy the only similar tradition is the Catholic Pope one (that I don’t honour and refuse to honour because they keep taxing all the italians with the 8per1000 rule); the President of the Republic can be considered similar too because of his roles (head of the judges, head of the militaries, etc), and in both cases there’s no blood rule: no crown, no feeling about it. We had a pre-WWII law that mandated to keep a picture of the king (the flag, and the chatolic cross) in all the public offices; but when I was at high school (1983-1996) all those symbols were already gone; the only somewhat real feeling I could get in my own world are my memories of my talks with my grandma. Very little of useful reasoning in a huge amount of emotions; not really useful to understand differences between kingdoms and republics. Despite the late 19th century general idea to keep the church separated from public institutions, the Vatican State kept playing a major role all the way the past century thanks to their confessionals and some untold (and unauthorized) agreements; in UK, for comparison, even today the House of The Lords have a life long serving majority (700 out of 800) and a religious minority (25 out of 800) embedded in their parliament instead; that is somewhat more honest: the religious minority is openly represented instead of stealing money and manage them at will under the hood. About liberal arts instead; I had plenty all my life long (Dario Fo, literature Nobel Prize, is an all around Satyr); you can spot both very high and very low ancient forms of comedy all around the world as well: english have those, chinese have those, thai have those … and so on. They all have different names, colors, timings; but everywhere there is (or used to be at least) one of those forms of art that can be staged in front of kings and queens. We still have the best examples - even of discussing the power, the blood rule, royals - under our eyes, we can see the best practices to survive in any formal environment without offending and according to the formal rules. It takes years to learn, but can be done.

  4. As far as kings, queens, presidents, popes, parliaments, allow at least one form of art to go on stage, and some speakers corners in public streets and parks, censorship by itself doesn’t exist. In that chapter there’s a list of reasons and feelings why it doesn’t, and if it does it is criminal. I personally think that active protection of public speakers is compulsory too, no matter what; but in practice it is pretty hard to achieve: kids keep crying when we take them out of their comfortably belly water, Julian Assange is still bunkered in the Ecuador’s embassy. Why so long? Who pays for the english law enforcement to keep the belt around the ecuador’s embassy?

  5. As far as kings, queens, presidents, popes, parliaments, allow some kind of public scrutiny with acceptable&certified timings, some level of surveillance is widely acceptable. Plus there is a very basic truth: we bring and spread our face/fingerprints/DNA around everyday, and our automated tools need a certain amount of logs in order to work properly and being debugged in the case of fault. Then we can point the fingers to any story - in that chapter I use some italian mafia and secret agencies ones - in order to achieve better procedures. Real time. Epsilon cost.

  6. The blockchain system can solve any kind of public information issue up to the most difficult ones: think about the top most secret public documents distributed encrypted in a way that they are automatically disclosed within 75 years from facts (US public law, AFAIK; but it can be 25 years; or whatever law mandates). The UK’s IPT-managed system could be evolved into an office that decide the amount of years at the moment of deploying a black operation, instead of deciding at judicial time whether or not is the time to release some docs or reimburse some victims. Alan Turing might have been pardoned before death, instead of 75 years later. And Roberto Calvi would not be found on a gallow under London’s Blackfriars’s bridge. I’m not talking about the italian one because we simply don’t have an italian Alan Turing (Adriano Olivetti died before finding one, the others went to US), nor a reliable IPT-alike office: anyone can say all the bullshit anytime, and after a long and painful research ends up that the most important details are always locked inside the unaccessible Vatican Library. Bitcoin - and all the profeetering gluttons it attracted, both for using it or singing its obituaries - has been the proof of this chance: despite all the accidents (from a girl found dead in Singapore to plenty wallets stolen world wide; and in one case even by american federal cops!) the security agencies are certifying its integrity, some banks adopting those methods, some governments endorsing and embracing those tools to renovate their internals. It takes time to get to mass distributed results; the amount of time is a pretty complex function of demographics, economics, ecc, that varies from place to place. There are dangers, it can be used to harm people instead of make a better world, and there could be things that delay (more) the adoption of it but … it’s a good tool in our toolbox. Even if you are a criminal: do you really want to go around without a blockchain under your seat? What the hell of criminal are you without a blockchain, uh? Have you ever seen a punk without a chain coming out from his pockets, uh? Go asking for blockchains to your gov! :)

  7. In order to achieve this, there’s the need to restore the chance for hacktivists to make their own tools. Not by charity, and not by crowd-sourcing: it has to be public founded in a similar way the militaries are; with some clear public agreement and distinction at large, between the two, and a comparable amount of money. Hacktivists must be embedded in the formal systems as well as the protection of war veterans, war victims, families, elders, kids, has been in the past. Maybe it was not perfect, and money have never been enough. But it has the same permanent level of priority in any public agenda. It is more important then propaganda, marketing, psycho-stories, psycho-procedures, and whatever can be enclosed in a cloud service like Facebook or Google-whatever: refuse any backoffice guaranteed procedure (‘the cloud’) and ask for the money back in order to buy yourself your own piece of hardware to build up the mass distributed equivalent of those! It’s a matter of distributed public capabilities to enforce the public trust: there must be people like me - psycho-identified since I was 11 years old - able to go from 25 dollars in their own bank account, to a self-secured electronic device without paying more than 25 dollars, and many people with all the other skillsets able to ask me wheter their current mobile calls are encrypted or not. Mandating universities to open the access to their labs could be a practical way to proceed: Aaron Swartz has been hammered on the basis of trademarks/copyright/patents laws, for distributing knowledge only, in a country where university documents are strictly private, the university computer labs are closed, but guns are sold at the hairdresser. I’ve been hammered by law in a country where universities are public founded and their presidents (‘Rettore’) sign NDA agreements with the industry only (ie: not giving value back to the public). In both countries the public opinion mainstream media is (has been?) … Facebook! And those enterprises (Facebook, Google, etc) have been cherry-picking the Free beers instead of being liable by law for whatever happened to whoever have been using their services and devices, then providing fake solutions (ex: Facebook announce to not force people into using their real names, Google declaring availability to de-index personal data, modern web puppies burning public money for privacy class actions against Facebook) instead of being liable for whatever happened using their tools. De-list Facebook/Google and whatever marketing firm from the stock markets: they are a cost, not a stock. And the good-companies have been already rebranded; you betting your money on trash. BTW, thank you to have accounted the robbery in a company register: we know exactly how much money must come back.


(WARNING: grandpa’s paradox alert, time screw ahead) During the last Republican presidential debate in which he participated, Rand Paul condemned the National Security Agency’s mass collection of Americans’ telephone records, cautioned against reckless intervention in Syria’s civil war, and declared that a “true fiscal conservative” must “look at all spending” for savings, meaning the military budget is not sacrosanct. The Kentucky senator also called for criminal justice reform, touted body cameras as a way “to protect both officers and citizens,” and bemoaned the racially disproportionate impact of the war on drugs. ( Jacob Sullum )


  1. From a second generation republic citizen’s point of view it’s just weird for someone to be willing a republic. I’ve been looking at federations - US included - as an example to follow! Neighbor’s grass is always greener. So I can’t understand why they called themselves Republicans; it’s something too deep in the american culture and history. The italian republic too was born after a kingdom; before the transistor was invented. But I might have written Rand Paul’s speech: we are both pretty unpopular, but he looks wealthier. What I have more than Rand Paul is … that I’m not a physician: he probably got interest in those subjects when he spotted the results on the bodies and the minds of his people; I’ve got suffering all trough instead like a guinea-pig, and repeating at every electoral term, up to the need of a bunker, a full auto rifle, 2 smoke grenades, 2 flashbangs, a shoe stinger, and a fully armed A129 on the roof. And the time to learn how to use all that scary stuff. My favourite italian party in Italy up 2000 had been the Partito Radicale; then they spammed my mailbox using Buongiorno.it mailing-lists - that I subscribed to get a daily morning fortune cookie, and I’ve found myself into the Spam S.p.a. - I dropped that party too, and started to write (for free) for the small IT-tech newspaper that have been sued by Buongiorno.it, and had to reimburse 51k to a company that openly violated the privacy law (but the judges didn’t know what they were doing; they probably considered the fact that all the subscribers did it on voluntary basis without considering that we subscribed to get a cute daily fortune cookie, not their whatever propaganda). I started to file copliants to the Italian Data Protection Authority - ask Giovanni Buttarelli to dig into the authority’s archive, he was the cancellor signing the docs I received; and no, you can’t do it yourself because they probably removed the archive by now - up to the 2003 mod to the privacy law that made us impossible to continue (to allow marketing, profiling and then anti-terrorism, instead of our rights); and when I figured out that the law was not just the ‘compacted version’ (a ‘TU’, ‘testo unico’) to group and harmonize the first 2 years of Berlusconi’s gov, but they abused of the public trust to push their shit deeper in my throat (adding un-advertised details to the TU), I went down one layer and started to build a wireless network to bypass both the public laws as a whole, and the wired shit (black boxes in the national internet’s peering points). Did I ever tell you that I don’t like the marketing departments?

Ok, I tell you: I have an audio recording of the mayor (a lawyer) in my hometown, ten years later (2010), saying: “I want to do your network, but it must be self-sustainable: can you push ads on the webpages?”. I know my chickens; so I went there already recording. Two weeks later: “I aaaaaam so sorryyyyy… we already signed a protocol with the provincial authority” (call the town council secretary asking for the docs) “look, see? This document is the one we signed 2 weeks BEFORE you came here”. When I arrived there he didn’t know anything about; two weeks later he signed a doc three weeks before. I know, it looks like I messed up the verbs according to the english grammar; no, I didn’t: this is the almighty provincial administration’s “Progect Innovascion for All”, an excerpt: “Given the fail of previous experiences like RomeWireless we would like for this New Dismaland Progect to be made by someone coming out from the internet society and being advertised on Facebook and other internet’s marketing tools”. The page I linked is a fake; today it shows a 31 July 2008 date; it is pre-dated; they can’t remove items like “RomaWireless” and “Provincia Wireless Spa” from public registries (because money have been allocated, assigned, and spent), and they can’t deny their past existence on the internet only, because it would reveal an off-side-track manipulation of facts, so they fake the page contents on every ex-post modifiable media, using external references (ex: cascading style sheets) to avoid for a single Blade Runner to rebuild the entire story. I can write a spider that does it for me; but there’s no need of. The internet, fully enclosed in bunkered datacenters (“the cloud”), without a blockchain-alike public system, is just perfect for that kind of off-side-track activity. The IT guy is not a lawyer. I noticed that the article look like a fake because I knew the real story. It’s a long story, and hard to drink daily. So I went to look at the date and I noticed the time screw; I tried to highlight the date and it was not possible; so I went to the code and I’ve seen a plain H1 tag; so I went to check the CSS; and so on. A lawyer instead would stay at the fake date, triggering a worthless court case (ex: defamation of his own religious, political, whatever party), that would be off-side-track adjusted on the run as soon as an higher authority (ie: the one that manages the external resources like the CSS that added the fake date; the United Nations’s spokeperson Laura Boldrini as Head of the Chamber of the Deputies?). Shitstorm. Shitstorm up to the blondies: the actress (note her “Order of Merit of the Italian Republic”) sister of the MP trying to ban the anonymising practices (note: Gabriella Carlucci, that probably doesn’t exist; my memory my be failing but the Carlucci’s sisters were 2, not 3; this would explain the medal of honour better than the UNICEF stuff), accusing Maurizio Costanzo’s wife of triggering internet’s mass mobbing, in order to win the ‘The most social TV show’ Prize. Noblesse Italien. I don’t know if it is a real article, a gossip journalism invention, or they are seriously bothering a court (and make us pay) for that … but I’m rolling on the floor laughing.

Note: the bombing of Costanzo’s car (or alike) in the early 90s is not reported on his en.wikipedia bio; it could have been fake, or it could be the sicillian-medic-then-politician that made a drama in one of Costanzo’s shows a few days before Costanzo’s murder attempt, and at the time of two judges where bombed in sicilly, has been released from prison a few weeks ago after a 7 years partly-suspended sentence for ‘externally facilitating the mafia association’. At the time of the Costanzo’s bombing someone said that CIA was involved too (in Berlusconi’s 1994 victory); today looks like Carlucci sisters had an ancestor (Frank Carlucci linked above) serving as an ancestor of Dick Cheney, wikipedia say “16th United States Secretary of Defense”. The more I dig the more the US Department of Defence look like the Vatican Library. I can notice only that the italian wikipedia reports correctly the facts, instead.

Anyway, back to my story: I took the chance of my personal shit, to send also the mayor’s recording about using ads to economically support the build-up of a wireless network, to the professional lawyers association asking for the pre-auth of a public defendant (for my shit). Because their ethical code prohibits the abuse of their profession, inside and outside of the courts: if you manipulate the dates of a public document, you are not only abusing of the law practitioning as a whole, but there’s the chance that you infringed also some public law in order to get the public money; even worse if it happens for you to be the mayor (ie: citizen, lawyer and public officer); it’s the same thing my GF and/or her professor did, and it is a crime defined in the criminal code as “fake public act”. Because the lawyer association must archive the data they received in order to grant the auth to hire a public defendant; and having that recording on a DVD (write-once) off side track (a different office, for a different process) … it would have been the only way for me (recap: no money, no car, living with psychos, nailed by another two fraud lawyers, and having the cops seizing by design IT stuff for whatever reason and destroying data at the end of the (fake) trial; in my case the excuse for the seize was “he could have revenge porn”) to keep those memories safe, far from me, and under institutional eyes. Indexed and Certified (as something else, but the public stamp has a date; it’s an old white collar’s trick to get a certified date on a piece of paper). But nobody knows they existed and where to find them; except me. Smile please; it’s cool. And call me Bond, Michele Bond: fried white collars are crunchy. Now note the sentence translated above, I simplify it: “because we failed, we want for some fresh cheeky puppy, one of our kid only - o’monne have to stay in the fammele! - to clean up our shit using Facebook”; and the online doc is predated. Today, 3 years after I openly talked about the predating of the mayor’s public document, it is predated. You got it? Perfect: three nested layers of time screwing. The third created after BitCoin showed incredible resistance to cracking attempts. Accept my advice to watch the movie; it’s a good sci-fi action movie. But PLEASE, keep your feet on the ground, because this is not a movie; it’s my life, and I’m not Alan Turing: not a gene, I don’t work for the militaries, not dead (yet), nor willing to have post-mortem royal pardons for something I didn’t and I’m not.

  1. As you might have noticed reading above, on the information side of the story instead, things are shit; from liberal arts to formal systems (ex: judicial). > Those aboard Titanic were ill-prepared for such an emergency. (Titanic) I didn’t understand what happened at Charlie Hebdo and I didn’t comment it. If artists have fear to express themselves, their anonymity can be enforced and their offices dematerialised; it’s never been a capability problem; political only. Banksy have no name at the public registry. And they are mostly unknown already: I’ve never spent a minute reading the names at the end of a movie, or on a CD cover. The best artists are unknown outside of the showbiz (jetset). Slang changes, its words look better for a while, but our brain didn’t evolve in the past 5000 years: we are monkeys. > In accordance with accepted practices of the time, where ships were seen as largely unsinkable and lifeboats were intended to transfer passengers to nearby rescue vessels, (Titanic) Things turn difficult because of the institutions: a lot of the security framework is built on the denial of anonymity. > Titanic only had enough lifeboats to carry about half of those on board; if the ship had carried her full complement of about 3,339 passengers and crew, only about a third could have been accommodated in the lifeboats (Titanic) And it become impossible at Assange/Snowden/ecc level. From my perspective instead of extradition treaties there’s the need to build a sort of “voluntary detention facilities” to keep safe people awaiting for their fair trial on-going in another country; a neutral protocol that protects from the beginning to the end of the trial, set timings, and pays the expenses. Assange (ecuador, english and donors, paying for his captivity) and Snowden (russian and donors, paying for his captivity) stories led the modern way but there are older protocols that may work as drafts. > The crew had not been trained adequately in carrying out an evacuation. The officers did not know how many they could safely put aboard the lifeboats and launched many of them barely half-full. By enforcing the mass destruction of our constitutional rights backed by the natural arrogance of policing everything typical of the beefs in uniform on the paybook of the proofitering gluttons, they increased the decadence’s speed by a few orders of magnitude - and I’m sure the Japanese were laughing at europeans - making insufficient the amount of money pumped in from the central banks. When they figured out that it was not possible to grant relocation money to every teenager making a blowjob on cam - because kids could make it on purpose to escape from their very own shithole - to transport her/him in some religious remote monastery on Mars (because closer ones are filled up to the roofs); they turned the public policies upside down: Facebook allows for fake names, Google’s de-indexed on request, Italian Police advice parents to instruct the kids for being Anonymous.

My father (a psycho and a medic, a psycho medic) call this arrogance “Mr. Clean’s Syndrome”. And I agree. Those policies can fix cases where a teenager’s phone number has been written in a highway’s toilette, because the toilette doesn’t move and have a limited amount of local clients. Today is a bit more complicate. You need to be anonymous in order to stay safe.

Finally, no, I’m not curious about the moscow mechanism. AT ALL. I’ve been asking for more Edwards (Snowden) to be protecting us a few years before this wiki page had been written on UIkipedia. cherry-picking our butts

The film focuses on four wealthy, corrupt fascist libertines after the fall of Benito Mussolini’s Italy in July 1943. The libertines kidnap eighteen teenagers and subject them to four months of extreme violence, sadism, and sexual and mental torture. The film is noted for exploring the themes of political corruption, abuse of power, sadism, perversion, sexuality and fascism. It has been praised by various film historians and critics and Salò was named the 65th scariest film ever made by the Chicago Film Critics Association in 2006 and is the subject of an article in The Penguin Encyclopedia of Horror and the Supernatural (1986).

If you are sensitive to sex, ultraviolence, pedos, or whatever … don’t search for that movie. Some psycho might be patrolling your device, your side network, the search engine, any of the network devices in the middle, or the server; and it can be even worse: there could be 1 psyco per each of those Points of Failure. You could end up being an inmate’s piss pot in a prison and never realise why. Or worse. You click - “he likes ultraviolence!” - and you’re fucked. Buy this advice from a friend that knows a bit about Information Overload: it took me 10 years to watch half of that movie, 10 minutes at a time, 2 years pauses in the middle, and each time new psycho hookers all around (computer-driven, and in person). That movie is even hard to find; when you get it you’d better (try to) watch it before it disappears again: it would trigger any censorship in place anywhere in the world. In an IPFS raw system 33% of population would not cache it because of the violence, another 33% because of sex, 33% for misc political reasons, and the 1% caching that movie would be risking death without knowing it. Notice that its director has been assassinated and nobody knows if it was because of being gay, because making those kind of hard core movies, seen in a restaurant hooking a young boy, or his on-going investigations about some oil smuggling case of the time.

I prefer the Scary Movie legacy. But if you feel like ‘I want an horror movie tonight’ and you’ve been reading all this stuff, watch this one instead, it’s about recurrent and recursive budget cuts: Edward, The Lawnmower Man. Then try to figure out why I said that is about ‘recurrent AND recursive budget cuts’.


“I don’t want to live in a world where everything I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity and love or friendship is recorded.” (Ed)


  1. I don’t want to live in that world too. Some projects have been addressing this issues for many years. At any layer. In all the layers at once when devices were considered safe; more than once, every time new PhDs forgot a detail somewhere. When all the commercial devices and operating systems were not considered safe any more. I tried them all; pretty interesting stuff. But too big to check it before use.

  2. I know that hearsay constitutes a contract as well; and we tend to ignore and forget it because it is impossible to prove it in front of others at later time (ex: in court). Mafia ignore, PhDs forget.

  3. TODO.


Tiocfaidh ár lá (ga. “our day will come”, Bobby Sands)


  1. There’s an overall 15 years delay between facts and current spy stories, mass-surveillance chronicles and apparent institutional motion. Jon Postel died in 1998. Edward Snowden popped out in 2013. The same pattern from any other country perspective, ex. Italy: gov wiretapping black boxes appeared in the italian peering points (Internet hubs) in 1999, hacktivists reported ROS (italian military special forces) poisoning the BGP routes in 2014. In the middle 15 years of data retention and e-commerce boosting policies. Fare-Well Europe.

  2. Activists and Hacktivists are different animals. The italian Hacking Team scandal clearly highlights the difference: activists are worried about consolidated, mature, civil principles (ex: freedom of the press); hacktivists care about the tools to make (also) those principles real (ex: freedom of being anonymous on automated graph-walking networks). It ends up that a factory/gov baked reduction of device’s attack surfaces, that would benefit both et all, is not even on the horizon of all those activists complaining for journalists spied. The little snitchers, whistleblowers, journalists, issue … is a second tier issue. And, sadly, far from the masses as well: today even rocks and plants know to be monitored, but they are the only ones to not have anything to hide. And criminals do not rely on those information tools; they have guns, don’t need a smartphone for their business! Activists cannibalize hacktivists and fuck both.

  3. The end result is a completely unreliable view of facts built on word of mouth, tagged by hearsay, and managed off side track even easier than before: extraordinary renditions are easier today than before. Some evolutions (ex: the next stages of Shenghen Treaty) deleted without replacement foundamental details (ex: 26 indipendent giurisdictions able to grant asylum to people like Bobby Fisher, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden; 26 indipendent land executives working in parallel on exceptions management). Despite the wide experience matured in the human history - ex: the huge amount of existing voting systems - today’s Entscheidungsproblem (decision problem) is solved by simply sticking on one side and shitting on the other one to keep ruling the game: “for not being part of the blood-sucking mosquitos, we are part of the shit-eating flies” (Natalino Balasso, comedian; see below). Medias are enough to play this game; there’s no actually need to work the problems out; once the storytelling is pumped in. A so thick amount of shit on this wall, that Peppino Impastato, and Bobby Sands, died again. And we, today, are diying too. The italian case reported in this chapter - seizures of hacktivists resources and their claims of connections between right wing activists and police - shows the last results of the shitstorm gone institutional when the current President of the Italian Republic - Sergio Mattarella - and the parliament of the time, in 1993, changed the 1946 voting law into a majority-based one; leaving in the proportional system the 25% of seats only. And barring minorities from having a representative: the Casa Pound far right extraparliamentary movement is one of those minorities (0.5% at 2013 general election) today. Who ever have been supporting the “digital rights” is one of those minorities as well; and it is orthogonal to both the political and economical spectrums (ie: left/right wings division doesn’t make sense at all because all of those need message integrity). In 2005, the second step toward the majority rule, excluded direct choice of representatives. To recap: no minority can be represented, the majority rule forced people to take one of two only sides in order to be represented, representatives are predetermined; without the checks&balances typical of the majority-based systems (ex: UK). Turning the whole voting machine into a mere confirmation ceremony without any chance of choice. In 2014 the constitutional court voided the 2005 voting law mandating the current parliament to restore the connection between the people and representatives (art. 1 Constitution: “The soveregnity belong to the people”). The 2005 voting system produced a fully symmetric war. As a result of the long lasting repeated retaliation both sides have been active in accessing public funds, protecting their own self-recognised values and individuals accused/victims of judicially relevant cases (up to rapes and murders), stepping on each other’s toes, SWATting, and accusing each other of all and any woe. Shitstorm. Since the 1994’s police operation Italian Crackdown the digital rights have been dragged into this political war thanks to the (damned) political activists that have embraced and endorsed different aspects of those rights ONLY. The Autistici/Inventati digital rights association raided in 2005, has been raided again in 2010 on call of Casa Pound’s founder Gianluca Jannone because the Avezzano’s local branch president has been threatened with messages painted on his home. Shitstorm between (forced) minorities. Both of them paid something, bothered the norwegian authorities, without results (no identities found), because of the prosecutor office not taking into account the damages of its investigative action; creating debris (A/I activities disruption) on top of damages (Casa Pound’s representative threatened in his home). The only relevant fact is the constant, historical, over-reaction of the authorities every time a computer is involved (ex: “public prosecutor in Avezzano sent international rogatory letters to the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland, where it has servers”); the constant, historical, public expenditure for this over-reaction; the constant, historical, lack of accessible public logs about this operations (ex: what is the connection between the threats received by Casa Pound in Avezzano, and the seizure of A/I servers in Norway?); the constant, historical, lack of reimbursements for the people whose rights have been judicially violated because of those operations; the constant, historical, cover-up of those not-reimbursements to preserve the idea of justice. That in turn spread the fear of state mandated death orders (off side track, hidden to us): we, the people, have no access to empirical evidences before the trial (ie: preliminary investigations), during the trial (ie: the law banned the journalists from the trials), and after the trial we receive those reports on the web by unknown and unverifiable sources (!).

  4. Once again today, the once called “digital rights”, and the hacktivists, are the major victims of this ongoing war: “to obtain data that they had not been provided by A/I’s legal representatives. A/I stresses that it did not possess the information that the Italian police sought. The Norwegian postal police visited its ISP’s webfarm and copied the disks, whose contents are mostly encrypted”. And our resources exhausted.


(TODO, find the german version) “Se uno Stato mondiale abbracciasse tutto l’orbe terracqueo e tutta l’umanita’, per cio’ stesso questo Stato non costituirebbe piu’ una unita’ politica, e si potrebbe chiamare Stato ormai solo per modo di dire.” ( Carl Schmitt, Der Begriff des Politischen, 1932)


  1. “If a Nation would embrace the whole Earth and all humanity, because of being one only it would not be a political unity any more, and could not be named ‘nation’ any more.”

  2. “If a Local Village would embrace the whole Earth and all humanity, because of being one only it would not be a Village any more, and could not be named ‘global village’.”

  3. I can’t translate it. I tried also with ‘dollar’ and ‘AS Roma’ instead of ‘nation’ and ‘village’; but it doesn’t work. And Google Translate is even worse: I can’t read german but the results didn’t look good to me. Do you know Altiero Spinelli? The word ‘spinelli’ in italian today means ‘spliffs’ (“more than one little cute marjuana joint”). And it looks like in EU there’s not enough Spinelli today: no federation, no spliffs. Supernation and cocaine instead, plenty. And in US looks pretty similar: watch John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight about State Legislatures and ALEC (HBO). What I’m saying is that you can classify using weed and cocaine users and you get the same results of using any other bipolarism (examples: libertarian-authoritarian, liberal-communist, guards-robbers, ecc): “Penetrate The Internet (and own it)” and “Save The Internet (in our NSA storage facility)” togheter will just make YaFuFme.com website.

  4. And no, by making it more complex (ex: using 12, or 16, instead of 2 only personality types) doesn’t work either. It just makes the things more expensive, unless you spy us all, from public habits to the way we use a finger to clean up our ass in those intimate moments. And I suppose that installing a camera inside someone’s private toilette can easily be considered a privacy violation about everywhere since Lucy. Can’t even calculate instead how much it cost to place a camera close to every tree in every public park, private bush, or wild jungle; I made similar math before, but it was for faster changing envs and objects (radios on highways and radios in densely populated cities); can’t transpose the same results to this case study. There are pretty impressive CVs around the world about this stuff. But no, it doesn’t work for everybody. Both psychologists and psychiatrysts tried with me too (look at the lombrosity.com part), and it didn’t work.

  5. That’s why I think that some countries - ex: India, China, US, South Africa, UK … whoever tried to protect minorities - might have developed better policies, at least some policies are world best practices and fairly exportable: italians are 6 recognised ethnic groups only, plus nomads (ie: minorities that would not be able to reach public formal recognition; gypsies, immigrants, people previously hospitalized, arrested, and carcerated), and we are analitically profiling each other and killing each other like animals since the last openly recognised ethnic purge! In EU it’s about the same (26 recognized ethnic groups). Instead places like China have 56 publicly recognised, over about the same land, since… ever? I’m sure they have their own problems as well but it would be nice to not always have poorly translated texts from intermediaries only. Given that Forrest Gump made peace with China in the 60s, we should have had their news on european TVs since the 80s, and some of them happily married with us already! Not just Bertolucci’s movie about the previous chapter of their history, and chinese restaurants! It looks like a few weeks ago the chinese community in Milan went for the very first time to vote; in 2015; it’s a first, shy, step. Hopefully, by enforcing the Internet Sans Frontieres and adding sans psychos at this turn, our retirement will be better than the previous ones: they look good in those pictures, but there are no girls! It is some sort of sausage party! The good news are that girls have been appreciating math and sciences more in the last decades; we could have more than the previous generation in our parties after retirement.

  6. Anyway, some things are pretty scary and the resulting couriosities will never be resolved. Hopefully. I haven’t found a way to survive yet; and moreover I am a minority; can’t have more curiosities. A lot of people tried to define a sort of “internet generation”, and politically abused of us: serve to their partisan purpose or be classified as monsters, pedos, spies, vampires, snitchers, killers, rapers, dumb, pervs having Umbrella Corps to live in rich DarkNets. Except for pedos, that is a bit infamous, I wish it would be true; unfortunately it is true only for IT Guys that worked for companies serving the technostructure (and all its abuses) and the wages of the technostructure (managers, lawyers, creatives) are higher than the IT Guys ones. The ones that stalked us in order to have our detailed profiles, and stolen what we had to share calling it crowd-sourcing, kept going. And this is not acceptable.

  7. The big question mark about those articles reporting politicians speeches is about the meaning of their talks; the implicit limits of the media, limit the chance to entirely report the meeting described in the articles; and in turn, the implicit limits of existence, limit the chance to entirely understand another behing. Both Donald Trump and Xi are, at least, partly correct. In both the examples I picked in this chapter. Some picks are ilarious (“We must penetrate the internet”: man, your phone is part of the internet and … your good guys at uni don’t want to penetrate themselves, they won’t help you unless you raise McNamara from his grave, dress him in high military uniform and send him to lie in the universities), some others are scary (“Computer security: no double standard”, which one? I mean, which standard? Layer1-7 or Layer0&8?); they both sound like ultimatums. Ultimatum to what? It’s just normal that human rights association have fear about the ultimatum is against the human values; but if you add “computer security” in the sentence, you understand that have not much to do with legacy human rights. It have to do ALSO with human rights; among those, the privacy one can sum them up all. But there are also money in/on it. And I’m not talking about digital currency (ie: credit cards) or digital cash (ie: bitcoin); the first one is strongly enforced by gunmen; the second one is strongly tracked. About money I’m talking about the illusion of sales; the illusion of popularity; ecc.


During a symposium held for centenarian Albert Hofmann, “Hofmann revealed that he was told by Nobel-prize-winning chemist Kary Mullis that LSD had helped him develop the polymerase chain reaction that helps amplify specific DNA sequences.” Replying to his own postulate during an interview for BBC’s Psychedelic Science documentary, “What if I had not taken LSD ever; would I have still invented PCR?” He replied, “I don’t know. I doubt it. I seriously doubt it.” ( Kary Banks Mullis, Nobel Prize-winning American surfer … and biochemist)

Some things - ex: human brain and computers - are exactly the same world wide.

Sadly, and most depressing, there is no option for us users to opt-out from having this on our computing devices, whether we want it or not. The author considers this as probably the biggest mistake the PC industry has got itself into she has every witnessed.

Personal computers have become extensions of our brains. This symbiosis is only going to strengthen in the years to come, and not just metaphorically! The author believes it should be paramount for humankind to ensure we can trust our personal computers. Unfortunately the industry does not seem to share this opinion.

Those Rooty’s documents, grouped with the modern arts masterpieces (Kim.Com, Assange, Manning, Snowden), the Anonymous bitcoin developers, and the well known Ethereum developers complete the millennium job. Theoretically, at least. Most of the findings Joanna Rutkowska had about the Intel silicons are exactly the same for all the other families of consumer silicons (AMD, ARM-based, etc) as a result of the current commercial and military policies. Most of the findings Joanna Rutkowska had about laptops are easily applicable to the smartphones and any other mobile device. And currently we are using those tools.

Some other things instead are different and their mashups pretty psychedelic

once the modern age push has ended even in the criminal judicial context, the on-going new political patterns and the new kind of judges that interpret not only the law, but also the scope and the values of the law, produces an incremental destructive crisis for the rule of law (it. “legalita’”) and limitation of law (it. “riserva di legge”) principles. It is impossible to accept these huge challenges using the existing tools.

Try youself to use “existing tools”, it’s better than LSD. If you’re not an italian citizen and you want to have a go I allow you to use my face-ass… mmm… slapfac… my ID. Here the starting kit

  • 2016 Ambulance Chasers’s public funded legal aid HOWTO. Follow the steps in this guide to get to the constitutional supposed-to-be right to defence for me. Note that the guide was written by a lawyer in Milan but … nobody knows if it works somewhere else too. My ‘natural giurisdiction’ in theory is Velletri’s courthouse; but the correct ‘natural giurisdiction’ changes depending on … many factors; and because the individuals to bring to court are many and scattered anywhere… it’s pretty tricky to figure out what ‘natural giurisdiction’ you can apply to. If you feel more comfortable with the courthouse howto instead of the lawyers howto, here the Velletri’s courthouse howto. I did this part twice and is not that much fun; it’s more LSA (a light depressant) than LSD (a powerfull psychedelic). In any case don’t cheat: you must get legal aid without paying a lawyer to do it for you, because as it is stated on the howto, all the preliminary costs are not covered by the public funded legal aid. Good luck.
  • 2016 Ambulance Chaser’s contingency fee agreement. As an alternative to the public funded legal aid you can try the contingency fee agreement. Consider that such agreement has been strictly forbidden for a few decades; then enabled in 2007; then forbidden again around the year 2012; then enabled again. I’ve no idea if someone ever did it but if you feel brave, fuck yeah, go for it! Lawyers tend to avoid that agreement because they know the current state of the judicial system and they don’t want to take any responsibility of it; but they won’t tell you as far as they can find fresh meat using the state mandatory lawyers price list. Good Luck.
  • 2016 Ambulance Chasers’s registry of free public defenders. Once you got the money to pay a lawyer - and usurers are not an option - the second step is to choose a lawyer in this list. It is the registry of lawyers - the only lawyers - enabled for public legal aid in my ‘natural giurisdiction’. If, for some reason (ex: the counterparty is poorer than me, it is a family member in another place, or a judge, or whatever that changes the ‘natural giurisdiction’), you figured out a different courthouse, well, don’t worry anyway: there will be another lawyer’s registry to dig in! Just remember: if you hire more than one lawyer the public legal aid is revoked and you must pay everything (backward too!); you must repeat the full procedure instead, one per every lawyer you hire. After have called them, took appointment, brought the papers to them, and repeated quanto basta… If you have found a lawyer, and you have managed to make him/her prepare all the papers, you made me curious: it never happened before! Please call me and I’ll probably sign the power of attorney. You deserve it: the amount of time and money you’ve already spent is … I admire you. I could not make it. Good luck.
  • 2016 Ambulance Chasers’s list of ‘technical consultants’. Once you got both the public funded legal aid and a lawyer willing to work, you must find all the court authorised consultants: accountants, medics, IT guys, ecc. This is the registry of authorised consultants published on the same website I took the list of lawyers above: they are all psychologists. Psychologists only. Any reasoning is excluded from the trial: drama only. Evidences are banned. They simply don’t exist in Italy. Nobody have seen anything. Everybody feel anything. A country of law lovers. With a constitution mandating empirism. Basically you must find a good certified storyteller that interpret in your (my) favor instead of hearing me (and whoever else).

Please note: the courthouse states that the website is ‘handicapped friendly’. You, without handicaps, can’t fail. Court self certified.

Do you remember that movie, Fight Club: a guy with a psychiatric relevant medical condition - I don’t like the word “schizofrenia” - one day enters his boss’s office, tries to extorce a better wage and his boss call the building security to kick him out, so he starts to boxe himself in his face and fall on purpose over a crystal shelf breaking it, as well as breaking his back. When the building security officers arrive, they find the employee on the floor bleeding over thousands of glass pieces. As a result his boss is jailed for assaulting one of his employee and he gets a good stack of money from insurances and alike. There’s also the other movie with Sharon Stone… and the other one with Madonna… the one she goes doggy on the desk after have cooked him for a while, to make the cop fuck her brutally, then she run to the cop station saying he raped her…

We are all doing something similar every time we use a telephone: fixed, mobile, dumb, smart … producing mass-schizofrenia (or the more popular ‘paranoia’). I wonder how many people killed each other for that (ex: “he busted me!”, and he hadn’t). The sad part is that law is unable to fix it; the cost of law, become business, driving justice into an obnoxious mix of deep disproportionate prevention and unfair punishment. Forcing us to avoid any reasoning about that; rely on our senses only, day by day. Psychedelic.

I’ve been on LSD once only - pitiful me - I took a third of a dose and … I’ve been going around the same building of Amsterdam all the night long. Hand in hand with my two buddies (and I hate that! It remembers me the priest at school mandating us to go around hand-in-hand!). Buying an hot-dog at the corner of the building on every lap. Before yelling at the building because was not moving so I couldn’t find my home. Then having any kind of fobia for not finding my home. Until, once back in the room, every time I closed my eyes the picture in my brain was a screen split in 4 sub-screens, with a caleidoscope in each, then washing the face, drinking some orange juice, and back to bed again; repeating the caleidoscope-washing-juice until I finally falled asleep. And advicing to use magic mushrooms (ie: a light psichedelic that can be stopped eating fruit sugars) instead of LSD, to all the other youngsters, in the years up to now. I didn’t invent the PCR like Kary Mullis, or any other scientific miracle, but I hope you’re laughing: that’s the good part of sharing integral memories. Free Message Passing. And I love this memory - thanks Mr. Hofmann - but I still don’t understand why people like psychedelics. Weed is so comfortable, cheap, unharmful… sweet, and makes you sleep before you get to the idea to drive the car. Moreover I’ve found a much better psychedelic than LSD: the judicial systems! Once your destiny is locked in court, you start to act like a rat in some kind of experiment run by other humans. Everything in your life changes. That’s why I can understand parenthood: parents buy a gun to protect their family, after I got the cops at home I’ve slept with a knife under my mattrass (ie: searching for weapons for the very first time of my life); parents can’t sleep because the kids are crying, I couldn’t sleep because my parents were crying; parents bother the governments to censor the Internet, I’ve bothered the government to censor the parents. And so on. Without the need of any drug. And after have provided full stack solutions: from radio signals to constitutions running on top of those signals.

I can’t yet really state whether is better the ‘preventive jail’ the germans did, or the ‘preventive psychoshit’ the italians did; I tried the italian part only and no thank you, don’t want to try the other one too. I feel sick enough already. The only thing I’m sure of, is that they are both abuses, both for the Italian Constitution and My Constitution. And if you call the european telephone number they will check the word “ombudsman” in your language and give you the telephone number of the one in your own country: I did that too. Prevention is a concept that I hate in deep: I consider the 6-Day War an assault from Israel to Egypt, I hated Collin powell vial of anthrax, I hated the programmers that administratively discarded Agatha’s reports. Prevention simply smells bad. There will always be a frame, some void, between legit (ie: real/royal, it. “reale” for both words) and legal (ie: artificial); there will always be an high rope to walk. Find your high rope, and walk it; it’s a good breeze… better than Bacardi. I’ve been using the whole computer system as a reference - a balancing pole - to debug the judicial system - the wind - because science is more reliable than those fancy systems. And people, anybody et all, held it; held the rope. It simply can’t be the opposite. Whenever it looks like the opposite, there’s a human mistake or a BOFH (like the one that keeps playing the sound card test in my laptop now).

Last but not the least, a few words to apologise for all the mistakes I might have done talking about things that I don’t know enough, like the US and UK judicial systems and the people produced by those systems.

By searching for the proper translation of the italian constitutional limit to the “common law”, called “riserva di legge” - ie: given the constitution is the ‘ordinem’, the extra ordinem sources are sources outside the constitution; so the ‘riserve di legge’ is what limit the chance for the people to see habits and common opinion to be law - Yahoo found the book “On the Limits of the Law: The Ironic Legacy of Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act

On the Limits of the Law is Stephen Halpern’s compelling examination of the legal struggle to control the enforcement of Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act – the historic provision prohibiting racial discrimination in programs receiving federal financial assistance. Although the provision appeared to have immense power to fight racial inequality in education, Halpern argues, attacking the problem through legal rights and litigation distorted our understanding of educational inequality based on race and limited the remedies used to address it.

And I tought that he addressed the same issue I played around in Antelitteram, NotActivist, NotPublish: “attacking the problem through legal rights and litigation distorted our understanding” of the current times. Giving (AGAIN!) the fake idea that any behaevioural test - ex: “let’s see if he can fix my TV’s antenna before giving him a TV job”, or “let’s make my exam before giving him a PhD” - can give some kind of reliable result. Rats tested inside rat’s traps. The same bullshit happens when you see a white/black guy and think he is a poor guy: why the hell you think that crap? We even invented a word for that phenomenon too: “positive racism”. And there’s people producing videos on the racial spectrum or whatever else: you write ‘faggot’ and you get the video to test you against gender discriminants. And then pushing those videos in your G+/Facebook/Whatever accounts to monitor your reaction, counting your clicks, etc. More rats testing other rats. We are far beyond that book nowadays. Far beyond the american and italian constitutions nowadays. Far beyond the “three-piece psychology and 1950’s technobrain”. Where exactly I’ve no idea, but the same shit keep popping up from time to time: racial/gender/whatever hate, bullocks relying on psycho theories to diagnose, gov intelligencies believing in those diagnosis, miltiaries crunching&mincing whatever the intelligence said. So we keep having and killing Jesse James!

In any case that book, probably, can talk about the american common law system; better than what I did, that’s for sure. And because the racial issue is one of the most … bloody hell … ones, it could be a better lecture for any willing pupil on that part of the world. Because to fix the privacy issue there’s the need of a provision that “have immense power” as well, and I have no idea what the american culture can produce for that purpose; the ital-european framework I grew in evolved, privacy wise as all the rest of it, in a somewhat different way. The only thing I could do was to find a previous real case, and point you americans to that american book.

In any case my writing is open to contributions: please correct my mistakes using git instead of talking to me by other means, and complaining that the law is smarter than that… it’s a torture for me: no, it’s not smarter than that, it is more expensive only. And that public expenditure - the judicial overhead over the real damage’s cost - is tollerable against blood facts only; not to protect copyright, patents, and other imaginary things. Even protecting the atom-property rights (ex: the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge) where one of those modern Jessies have been killed, cost public resources and lives. The bit-properties rights cost too much. The more complex the rule is, the more expensive the law is: smarter, more expensive as a result.

Shall our ancestors be proud and the future smile to you all. Thank you all, for all those emotions.


The experiment side of the story is ok, there are enough self-contained references to space, time, people, and their acts, scattered all around the git repository ready to be ported into a distributed blockchained version of it; I must remove the external references (ex: YouTube videos, external Websites, etc) and embed them into the repository itself, because there’s no resilient, high available, freely accessible, universal library in place, yet. Technologically wise is easy (IPFS is one of the many examples), but I can’t figure out how to do it (again) without stepping (again) on some of that shit typically found in the legal labyrinth that makes our lives impossible and harder than what should be: “my internet!” (Microsoft), “no, my internet!” (Google), “ok, our internet!” (Facebook), “sorry, I don’t want to be your!” (Diaspora), “ok, your internet too, but money are mine only!” (Apple), “why money are yours only?” (Samsung), “because I came first!” (Apple-Samsung patents war), “and what about who comes after?”, “After? What about who came before! They didn’t make us trademark the word Windows and now Apple wants the words App Store?” (Microsoft) … and so on … and on, and on … year after year …

profiteering glutton


profiteering glutton

we (the people) invented the reptilians. And made fun of the people that invented reptilians: “paranoid!”. And there was no need of inventing reptilians: we’re not at radio age any more,

If the radio had two knobs - George Carlin’s advice to the reverend - the internet have about 2 billion channels instead, and if that’s not enough, there’s also a way more effective capability to proactively filter out your customized idea of “shit” from your premises (only) to safeguard (more) the kids. The only thing that changed are the words to describe the

profiteering gluttons

We could have invented something better than the reptilians, the phreakers, and the computer hackers nowadays! With the The Four Horsemen of the Infocalypse things got better (then the UIkipedians alone!) but … again … do we really need to re-write everytime aaaaaaaaaall the bible-like books again before getting to the point?

Anyway: I have no idea of the final result, shape, content, of this writing, yet. I don’t know how to make it comprehensible.

Joyce himself never defined exactly what he meant by epiphany (The James Joyce Centre)

Probably some tools to linearize the hypertext - an index and a chapter summary - for printing purposes are enough. I’m used to jump from one point to another one, thanks to some pre-hypertext books I was hungry for, when I was young: fantasy “game-books” where you could drive your story by jumping from one numbered chapter to another one changing your own timeline, storytelling, wave of emotions. But humans tend to loose their patience when they can’t grasp a clue; for me is true in front of some mind games, for others with “harmonic texts”.

(3) Used to describe material which is deserving of (or will be subjected to) the degree of intense speculation and overeager viewing normally reserved for high quality pornography.

We even invented the Fourier transform to grasp armonic clues, and then the discrete-time Fourier transform to account our reality by numbering the armonic clues, and then the fast Fourier transform to do it billions of times per second: nowadays it turbo-boosts the Porn delivery speed on our displays; chats and financial graphs included. It drives our planes, cars, motorbikes and go figure what else: more than the average understanding of the whole thing.

“What is so staggering about Ulysses is the fact that behind a thousand veils nothing lies hidden; that it turns neither toward the mind nor toward the world, but, as cold as the moon looking on from cosmic space, allows the drama of growth, being, and decay to pursue its course.” ( Carl Gustav Jung cited on Wikipedia about Ulysses)

Did you get it? This page is a second iteration over all the previous ones. It’s just a digest to help digestion. A re-hashing: you take the first letter, sum up with the second letter, and so on, producing 1 letter each 2 letters, from “Sah sah sah … Test” to “Standing”, to get “Epiphany”. In the same way the MD5/SHA1-2-3/etc produces a fixed lenght hash to identify a bigger resource. And the whole thing presented as a collection of different data structures (index and structure) to humanly access the information repository. Repository that in turn does it at bit level instead of single letter level. It’s trivial.

By the way.

There’s a funky italian song too!

Members are rapper J-Ax (real name Alessandro Aleotti) and DJ Jad (Vito Luca Perrini). In the spoken intro of Strade di Città, it is stated that the band is named after the article of the Irish constitution guaranteeing freedom of the press, although it must be noted that article 31 of the Irish constitution is not about the freedom of the press. They probably meant the Section 31 of the Broadcasting Authority Act. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Articolo_31 )

Here it is

During the Troubles in Northern Ireland, 1968-1994, censorship was used principally to prevent Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTÉ) interviews with spokespersons for Sinn Féin and for the IRA. … In 1991, European Commission of Human Rights upheld the ban in case Purcell v. Ireland, though not unanimously. The Section 31 broadcasting ban lapsed on 19 January 1994 because it was not renewed by Minister for Arts, Culture & the Gaeltacht Michael D. Higgins, eight months prior to the August 1994 IRA ceasefire. ( Wikipedia )

And we have also our George Carlin too! Ladies and gentlemen, Natalino Balasso, “a Light That Burns Twice As Bright

Note: a quick (incomplete) translation.

Natalino Balasso - New Year’s speech 2016

Hi all, we have left the 2015 behind our shoulders and we challenge the 2016: what are we talking about? Numbers. Some people think - wrong - that the comedians can bring people to new levels of consciusness but looking at actual results it is possible to say that consciusness is overrated: humans make love, dogs have sex. Consciusness is just a matter of lexicon. In the while time, despite our 86 billions of neurons, the dogs have sex way more than what the humans do; and Bonobos are doing way better than the dogs: the smartest race on the planet. People that fuck 12 times a day to keep society quiet and calm the nerves. We self-castrates and blame Freud for it: people don’t need artists, need jesters[1] because people is not able to have fun without. The jester is nearby the power, because the jester keeps the people, like drugs keep people unconscius, and after the unconsciusness treatment the people cross the road, someone turn on the headlights on full beam and speed up.

I know that you would like something consolatory, something like me saying that bank frauds against little savers are a shame: banks do it, we already know it, but… to give 200 grands to a bank is like play the nudist in jail! The bank frontdesk is not dangerous by itself, but if you introduce yourself to that desk using your ass … who you want to blame then? I’ve never had 200 grands to invest: if I die tomorrow, my bank loose money. But having those money, I would differentiate my investments: some money on the drugs market, some on the spirits market, some on the pay-tv market, and so on.

What I ask to you instead is: why do you want for me to talk BAD about the politicians that YOU voted for. I already have plenty problems by myself: public television don’t air my comedy because there are references to sex and religion, swearings, and we are not in a spacetime worm-hole, we are not in 1964: you think I’m going to lick the balls to public television’s managers? They told me to change the words of my comedy and this is the art’s death. It means that what you see on TV is not written by Freemen, it is written by people that need to lick the balls! I don’t change anything of my comedy, and I know that this makes someone upset because if you are a Freeman, you’re existence by itself makes the slaves upset! And we are lucky because our Prime Minister Matteo Renzi had to clean up the public TV from politics: today’s public television have a council so liberal that Scelba[2] looks like Gandhi.

What do you really want for me to say in a consolatory speech? Do you want for me to say that (note: Prime Minister) Renzi promised one thing and made a different thing? Are you nut? Or you’re kidding me? Do you really think that policitians can make anything without preventive authorization to the profiteering gluttons sect? The politician is like a kid on daddy’s legs, truly believing to be driving the car because the steering wheel is in his hands! And we are there, fighting in the bars, eating hard to chew frozen brioches … because of those kids! Is it the blonde kid more cute than the dark one? And I apologise to the Northern League Party guys for the word Moro[3]. I know, I have to respect your vote, in fact I respect it because I’m speaking about you and I’m serious but … I’ve to admit that my asshole is laughing. Because I can’t understand how you can go from “God River Po”, that is blasfemy, to the nativity scene, without laughing. It is not possible! And please, stop saying on Facebook that I talk shit about the Northern League Party in order to get more Likes: do you really think that I live on Facebook’s Likes? Do you know that most of the theatres are public managed by the thousands of Northern League managed town councils … and I get my food from there! And you know how many more tell me… not only the Northern League! I’m tempted to read here the letters I receive from theatres’s directors saying: “if you don’t change your comedies you can’t work here any more”. Ongaro, director of Veneto’s permanent theatre wish had never produced my comedy: his ass is burning so much that he walks always nearby some walls even without rain. Do you really thing that with all the pig-thick-skin I have in my stomach, I’m afraid of 4 words you leave to me on Facebook? Do you think I have fear of the shit you throw at me? I live in the shit. I share my house with bullfrogs. Rising the level is futile: I live down under. I fly under the radars. You cannot offend me because you can’t perceive me.

What do you want for me to say in a consolatory speech: to talk bad about someonelse’s religion? We have already too many trobules because of our religion! When I was a kid the nuns told me I would have burned in hell in the case I don’t exec their orders, burning of excruciating pain in the ethernal flames. Think how pitiful that life. And I’m not talking about mine! I’m talking about those poor nuns’s life: at 40-50 years old they must go around with that think on their heads and make up stories for kids. About Bill Murray saying that in some countries half of the people goes around with beekeeping dresses, it worries me a lot about the consciusness level of the planet, but I don’t oppose to it. I don’t have the same bipolar approach: “For not being part of the blood-sucking mosquitos, we are part of the shit-eating flies”.

Or do you want for me to console you all saying that the Five Star Movement is a remotely servo-controlled device? It is true but I don’t give a fuck about parties, I don’t give a fucking shit of polit… even in my comedy I never talk about parties! I talk about the deamons inside us, I’m not one of those loosers pretending to be satyrs by hammering one time the iron and one time the wood of the barrel: if I could, I would rather hammer the pub owner’s wife, because that poor man has always to live her alone to go having a look at the accounting made without him in place. I’m talking about ourselves, believing to be democratic, blaming others to be racist, and don’t realise the racism inside us. We don’t analyse it. When the taxi driver is arab I keep my hand on the door handle but I don’t do it on purpose: it is pre-conditioning. When I see the Gay Pride Parade, my asshole gets smaller; I don’t make it on purpose: it’s just pre-conditioning. If I see a woman parking a car I think she can’t do it because I don’t like her; but if I like her, I ask her if she wants for me to help her parking. And I help her parking because I hope to fuck her. And maybe she is having the same fantasies. And after that we eat psycho drugs and watch tv-series because we are not Bonobos. But I never ever helped a truck driver to park! Yes we know that… probably the truck driver is probably more in need of help!

To make it short: we are all good in watching others’ stupidity, our instead have no flavour. We got used to it. We blow it every day and we wave it. Think how racist we are about intelligence: we hate dumber people, that is a stupid approach already. If you ask to a dog to bring you a protractor and it doesn’t happen, do you get angry with the dog? Angry with a guy that in order to understand another guy … needs to sniff his ass?

And another aspect is that we always must find who’s guilty for something; things simply can’t just happen. Let’s say that your grandpa dies at 94 years, for you is not enough to accept that he was old, just ageing; no, you sue the hospital … they might have done something wrong but … with other’s mistakes we are animals, with ours we are more permissive than Madre Teresa. In this we are backwards when compared with barbarians: if one walks reading WhatsApp and break his head on a street light, it ends up citing the town council in court because the street light should not be there. The barbarian instead would just watch around to see whether someone notice his stupidity, second he would quickly stand, and third he would ask himself how come that he has been so idiot. We can’t stop being bullocks and because of this, we made up an entire art out of being bullocks. It’s cool to drive a jetski, it’s cool to get fat out of spirits and talk like an ape, it’s cool to smoke industrial tobacco … the most stupid thing of the world: to suck smoke, keep the toxic part only, and spit smoke. Vomiting high volume music out of the car and the club, it’s so cool to have so broken ears at the point that Kingkong’s farts sounds like Peter Pan’s flaute. Smoking weed, to have an excuse for the bullshit we say, it’s cool. We had to infiltrate the bullocks concept even in our laws: you think is normal to have a law that mandates barriers in the theatres so that you can’t see the show but you can’t jump down either? A bullock only would jump from the second floor of the theatre seats. I mean: the movie on stage have to be terrible!

Think how much we are idiot whenever we chose one side; I make you an example in the soccer context because with politics we do the same thing…

To be continued.

[1] Intrattenitore: someone that help to spend time with fun when waiting for something else. He is playing on the “panem et circensis” latin idiom; the “circensis” part, where the emperor opens the games to distract the romans from their serious toughts about the emperor.

[2] Mario Scelba (September 5, 1901 – October 29, 1991): Christian Democratic politician, Minister of the Interior, 33rd Prime Minister of Italy, President of the European Parliament. ‘As Minister, his hard-fisted record earned him the nickname “Iron Sicilian” for his ruthless suppression of left-wing workers protests and strikes, as well as Neo Fascist rallies.’, ‘Scelba built the country’s dishevelled police into a force of some 200,000, heavily armed and equipped with armoured cars and special jeep-riding riot squads called the Reparto Celere.’, ‘Scelba had a conservative attitude toward certain issues such as scant bathing suits, public kissing and nude statues’. Wikipedia mashup.

[3] Aldo Moro (September 23, 1916 – May 9, 1978): Christian Democratic politician, 38th Prime Minister of Italy, considered an intellectual and a patient mediator, He was kidnapped on March 16, 1978, by the Red Brigades (BR), a Marxist–Leninist urban guerilla organization, and killed after 55 days of captivity. Wikipedia mashup.